Dr. Magraner said, “The mutation of the virus is not new, it has already happened with influenza.”

The internal medicine specialist stressed the importance of consulting with your family doctor to find out which vaccines should be given according to age.

In an interview with Medicine and Public Health, Doctor Miguel Magraner, Director of Internal Medicine at Damas Hospital, explained the importance of vaccines and illustrates this. Mutations Dependent virus As it happens with him Covid-19It is not a new process and it is a normal part of pathogens.

The Serum It is a process where bacteria, a virus Or toxins in small amounts, allowing the body’s immune system to react and defend itself against infection, the doctor explained.

He stressed the importance of consulting with him Doctor To know which vaccines are recommended to be given according to age.

Thanks to this health technology there Diseases He repeated that it was like tetanus, which was encountered, especially with regard to lethality.

For example, he argued so Serum Against influenza in children from the age of 6 months.

He explained, “This vaccine is available and easily accessible, but those who suffer from Guillain-Barré syndrome should not be vaccinated against influenza.”

On the other hand, the Serum He said herpes zoster, also known as shingles, is very effective and is given in two doses from the age of 50.

The specialist recommends getting the pneumonia vaccine 23 and Prevnar 13 for pneumonia at around 60 years of age to avoid serious complications of pneumococcal disease.

according to Serum From Covid-19, He argued that it was important to get a double dose if it was that of Pfizer and Moderna, so that the body could better respond to the mutation of the variants. This is not new about Mutations In the Diseases As with the flu, which changes every year, “he stressed again.

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Despite the global immunization against COVID19, he noted that it is still imperative that societies continue to distance themselves from and use biosecurity elements.

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