Dr. Favio Crudo receives the Hipócrates Award from the National Academy of Medicine – BOSCO PRODUCCIONES

During a ceremony held last Thursday, Dr. Favio raw He was awarded Hippocrates affiliate National Academy of Medicinea national recognition of the current Undersecretary of Health for our city.

They accompanied the doctor raw Family, friends, colleagues and the mayor Francisco Ratoin a ceremony that included a review of his career Clinical physician specialized in Infection and Epidemiologywith an interest in fieldwork, primary care and neglected diseases.

In a dialogue with this medium, the infection specialist “Thank you very much “To all those who delivered him these days. With the remembrance of his arrival in Ariko—”Circa 2000/2001, with Dr. Jarro during the administration of José Camis– Then when he came to live in 2003/4 and continued uninterruptedly for more than 20 years, he explained:The truth is that other than the matter of vanity that always fuels me, the most important thing for me is to see from the mayor to the Zerbouni hospital team, like my high school classmates, and my family, all the people one wants to be.“.

Even with the emotion of the moment shared, after a unique award in the country, raw shaded: “The truth is, the teams I work in overlap after many years. San Antonio de Areco with AdeSar, with Muñiz Hospital, with Mundo Sano Foundation. It’s a virtuous circle that generates great potential and the most saving thing is that they all end up being friends, that if there’s a healthy activity we’re together and if nothing happens we might have a barbecue from time to time. And this is very salvageable, because it gets you to work on what you love, with the people you love, and if good results are added to that… what more could you ask for”.

With the idea of ​​taking the distinction as “Possibility to open some doors“An agreement between the National Academy of Medicine and UNSADA is expected to be considered, between”Some things are short term and then all the relationships that can be created.”

Congratulations Dr. Favio Crudo!

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