Dowsett and clock record: ‘I must not be ashamed’

Alex Doucet wanted to give his version of the attempt he made last Wednesday in Aguascalientes (Mexico) for trying to beat Victor Campaerts’ watch record, although he was ultimately unsuccessful.

In a statement posted on his YouTube channel,And Daucet himself admitted that he did not expect to suffer so much pain after such a challenge. “I have a lot of pain in my legs, in my adductors, in my buttocks… I never imagined that this experience in the clock register would make me feel this pain afterwards. I told Michael (Hutchinson) when I was sitting that it hurts to sit and lie down and he said. “Oh that’s what Chris Boardman said after one of his attempts.”

Despite the failure to achieve the main goal, Doucet was very satisfied with the effort and did everything. “Having had 24 hours to absorb it, I think I’m sure I gave everything I had and that was the most important thing. I’m very happy with what I’ve achieved.” 54555, it’s the third longest distance traveled in recent history in the clock record, and I think it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Dowsett was also very relieved that, thanks to his attempt to score the clock, his fundraising campaign to help people with hemophilia in the UK exceeded €45,000. “The response to the challenge has been tremendous and on the donations page we have already raised £40,000 (€46,580), which is much more than we expected and is exceptional. Funds will be shared between the organization and patients. I know the hemophilia community will use it in sports and activity camps for young people with hemophilia as well as to fund more athletic and mentoring programs.”

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