Dospu members can be treated at the “Ramón Carrillo” hospital

Social work at UNSL, Dospu, has signed an agreement so that all its affiliates can be treated at the “Ramón Carrillo” Central Hospital. In addition to providing access to all medical specialties offered by the state-of-the-art Public Health Center, it includes the use of imaging and laboratory studies. This was confirmed by the head of Despo Cesar Almeida, who stated that the service will start working as of next week, after completing the technical and administrative steps necessary to implement the agreement.

“The agreement will be like the rest of the private clinics and sanatoriums that we work with, to provide a range of specialties and services to members of our social work. It will certainly include more complex medical consultations and will require the issuance we are dealing with ourselves today, while for emergency care it will only be necessary to present the identity document in addition to the membership card Almeida explained.

Among the practices that have already been confirmed are allergology, cardiology, speech therapy, pulmonology, neurology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, otolaryngology, and gastroenterology. The head of social work of the university indicated that over time they will add more units to the agreement, until they reach the hospital.

For emergency care, Dospu members only need to show identification and card.

“It is a very important benefit if we take into account that the hospital has the latest generation equipment that allows for faster and more efficient diagnosis, which affects the recovery time and quality of care. For our members, this means the possibility of obtaining a service that will be implemented between Tuesday and Wednesday,” Almeida said. .

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He confirmed that medical services will be available to the affiliates of the three regional headquarters of Despo (San Luis, Villa Mercedes and Merlo), which total more than 7 thousand. For specialties that require a shift, the hospital administration will be responsible for providing them.

“To order them in person, the most convenient thing in the center is to go to the former bus station, but soon they will be available through a digital platform,” Almeida said.

The service provision agreement was signed for Despo on Wednesday and was responsible for the members of the Board of Directors of the State Assembly “Ramon Carrillo”, Maria José Zangala, Nicholas Anzolovic and Francisco Petrino; With UNSL President, Victor Morenigo

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