Don’t miss these recommendations

Believe it or not, they exist English language series on Netflix And the best thing is that it is very entertaining and will help you to enhance your basic knowledge of this language.

with the Prior knowledge of some phrases and meanings and mastery of this language will not only be able to translate scenes, but you can also become a translator for each of them.

You just have to pay attention to this List of recommendations and marathon preparation for these stories Which are also in trend and you can easily get them in the streaming giant’s entertainment catalog.

Netflix English series: Don’t miss these recommendations

Refine your knowledge or enhance your conversations It is increasingly possible to achieve this simply by enjoying your favorite series.

The ones we recommend here It is designed to be easily absorbed, with paused dialogues allowing you to select each word or pronunciation. So don’t wait any longer and enjoy this entertainment which also gives you a good education.

Weird things

This series has all the qualities to be enjoyed from start to finish. It is ideal for those dealing with the basics of the English language, as it offers classic slang arguments from the 80s.

What is more, It’s an odd horror comedy, but that was a complete “boom” in the broadcasting platform because of its terrifying characters, but it does not generate much fear, on the contrary, it provides a “friendly” environment where A girl arrives in an unknown town and meets a group of boys who have become special people in her life.

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This production is easy to understand and You will be able to memorize the keywords which are vital to your learning of the English language.

the crown

And You are passionate about ownership, its protocols, and other details Which are essential to get a new learning, this is the perfect story for you.

Here British English is used, but it is very easy to understand and practice, since the arguments are direct, almost repetitive, as well as perfect in terms of intonation.

You will discover a part of Queen Elizabeth II’s life And how, despite adversity, she managed to lead the British royal family for many years. Watching them is an entertaining exercise, because It also displays historical events of importance to enrich the general culture. And if you are going to the UK soon, this is an educational class to boost your language.


This is the classic story that features countless crimes but with style. It shows the life of a man who must unexpectedly move to the Ozarks of the United States to hide from a Mexican mob who is chasing him because he thinks he stole the money.

Beyond the persecutions, fears, and dangers that exist in the conspiracy sThey display dialogues that are easy to follow, interpret and even remember, because they are so basic.

For those who are just starting to learn English, It is a perfect story to remember the words, stresses, and expressions that are especially essential for this language.

Adventure time

This is one An animated series that young and old alike can see. It’s quick to see, it’s not boring and can be seen on the weekends.

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And despite the fact that it focuses on a childish plot, It’s fun and easy to take pronunciation lessons, as well as remember words you may have forgotten.

Finn and Jake are the protagonists of this series Where you will also enjoy the adventures they stare at from start to finish.

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