Donald Trump has suggested that FBI agents who raided his Mar-a-Lago mansion “planted” the evidence.

Donald Trump departs from the tower that bears his last name in New York, heading to the attorney general’s office where he will have to make a statement on Wednesday (Reuters/David de Delgado)

Former President of the United States Donald Trump On Wednesday, he complained that he had been denied entry to his resort home in Florida and Suggest that FBI agents may be ‘planting’ evidence There after a dramatic raid angered the Republicans.

The FBI and other federal government They did not allow anyone, including lawyers, near the searched and searched areas During the Mar-a-Lago raid,” Trump posted on his social media platform, Truth.

“Everyone was asked to leave the building, They wanted to be left alone, without witnesses to see what they were doing, taking, or not ‘planting’The Republican leader said that he is keeping open the possibility of running in the next presidential election.

Why are they so insistent that no one is watching them, everyone outside?‘ Trump claimed.

The FBI declined to give details about the raid on the lavish West Palm Beach residence, a move that marked a stunning escalation of multiple judicial investigations into the 45th president.

The entrance to Trump's estate in Palm Beach, Florida (Reuters)
The entrance to Trump’s estate in Palm Beach, Florida (Reuters)

American media reported that the agents were carrying out Record authorized by the court related to Possible mishandling of confidential documents which was sent to Mar-a-Lago after Trump left the White House in January 2021.

Trump, 76, and top Republicans denounced the raid as politically motivated and the Justice Department’s “weapons”. “Nothing like this has ever happened to the president of the United States,” Trump said of the FBI operation.

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In his Wednesday message, Trump questioned why his Democratic rivals, former President Barack Obama and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, were not subjected to the same scrutiny. “Obama and Clinton weren’t broken into, despite the big disagreements!” he said.

this Wednesday, Trump will be questioned at the New York Attorney General’s officewho is responsible for a civil investigation into his business practices and his family’s real estate business, the Trump Organization, as confirmed by the money mogul in another previous letter.

The Republican leaves Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday (Reuters)
The Republican leaves Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday (Reuters)

On the other hand, his lawyer confirmed that The FBI took nearly a dozen boxes from headquarters. “The affidavit has been sealed with documents explaining the probable cause for which they obtained the (search) order. We don’t know the probable cause,” Christina Pope told the news portal on the former president. The real America’s voice.

However, the attorney added, FBI agents told her they were looking for documents containing classified information that should not be removed from the White House.

While waiting to learn some official details or explanation about the raid, several Republican leaders, including the party leadership, attacked this Tuesday against the “abuse of power” by Democrats. And they remembered from Joe Biden’s party, for their part, that if there was research, it was because there was an order signed by the judge.

While, The White House confirmed that President Joe Biden was not aware of the record And it was discovered through the media, and confirmed that this investigation is “independent”.

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In her daily press conference, the president’s spokeswoman, Karen-Jean-Pierre, avoided giving details “about the ongoing investigation,” and inquired about Republican accusations of political persecution, replying that Biden “respects the rule of law.”

Although Biden in his public remarks on Tuesday did not speak directly about Trump, he later gave a message that seemed directed at the former president, as he lashed out at those who “seek power” against those committed to unity. “We all hear all the noise that is out there, but we know there are those who focus more on seeking power,” he said

After the unprecedented record, Several Republican leaders emphasized their anger and support for Trump, who in turn ramped up his fundraising campaign.

This Tuesday, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, told MSNBC she had no more information than that of the “public domain,” but indicated that federal authorities would have the “justification” to proceed with the filing.

“I don’t have much to say except that a visit like this needs a court order. To have an order, you need justification. That means no one is above the law, not even a president or a former president of the United States.”

On the same Tuesday, a day after filing, the Court of Appeals allowed a committee from the US House of Representatives access to the former president’s tax returns. The Justice Department’s decision comes a year after the US Supreme Court ordered Trump to turn over his tax returns to the attorney general investigating his finances in New York.

(with information from the AFP and EFE)

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