Dominican Republic begins working meeting with US Army engineers

President Louis Abenader On Tuesday, he chaired a working meeting with US Army Corps of Engineers With the aim of developing a common vision for infrastructure to enhance trade exchange and economic and societal development in the region.

Other intentions of this meeting were to review the Manzanillo Port Rehabilitation and Expansion Project, which the President deemed “vital to the development of Dominican Republic At the highest levels of competitiveness at the level of the entire region.”

He stressed that it is a macro project that has large investments to implement before American Development BankThis will generate hundreds of direct and indirect jobs.

President Abenader said in a meeting with the Corps of Engineers in usa army, According to information published by the Presidency of the Republic.

Noting that it is a major transformation that brings positive changes in the country, he stressed that its construction will boost the local economy, as well as maritime trade activity to and from the Dominican Republic.

The President thanked the American specialists for their help, advice and contributions in implementing this ambitious goal which is very important for the future country that is building in his administration.

“I am honored to welcome you today to open a dialogue, in which I invite you to actively participate, offering your opinions and all that can be enriching,” said President Abenader, welcoming the engineers of the US Army. added.

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He stressed that the Dominican Republic is a country full of opportunities and spaces to create, innovate and develop import and export trade.

“A country is preparing responsibly to create a future of development and equal opportunities, in which the government is making huge investment efforts to modernize our basic infrastructure,” he said.


President Abenader noted that when they hear him often talk about change, he is referring in particular to the transformations that the state must implement so that the project of the country common to all Dominicans is closer and closer.

In addition to President Abenader, the US Chargé d’Affairs in the country spoke at the activity, Robert W ThomasWho appreciated the importance of work and to trust the naval engineers in his country.

Ministers of Public Works, Deligne Asencin; Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte. Also present was the Minister of the Presidency, Lisandro Macarola, whose ministry coordinates these actions.

Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mira also attended. Director of the Ports Authority, Jean-Louis Rodriguez and Director of the Directorate for Public-Private Partnerships, Sigmund Freund.

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