Doctors and teachers lack training

The Medical Profession Forum warns of a shortage of teachers in medical schools and the Ministry of Health recognizes that 1,000 new doctors are needed each year

This week, the Medical Professions Forum noted the risk to current training in medical schools due to the “alarming shortage of medical schools, which directly affects the quality of teaching”. The announcement comes as the Ministry of Health acknowledges that 1,000 new doctors are needed each year and Announces An increase of 1,200 places without changing training plans.

Medical professors are in short supply
Castilla-La Mancha has medical schools in Albacete and Ciudad Real. File photo of Ciudad Real students.

There is a shortfall of 3800 professors to teach the 44 degrees of medicine taught in Spain

In the face of the ever-spreading message about a shortage of doctors, forum organizations want to warn that the focus is being misplaced, as it is ineffective to increase the educational offer for a medical degree if you do not have enough teachers to facilitate the quality education of future doctors and the establishment of new colleges Not justified by academic or health standards.

In this line, last January, the Forum echoed the reports of the National Conference of Deans of Medical Schools (CNDFM) that indicated a deficit of 3,800 professors to teach the 44 degrees of medicine that are taught nationally. , so it will be necessary for 410 teachers to join per course while the number of accredited does not reach a hundred, in addition, the increasing presence of non-medical teachers in the medical degree is confirmed.

On the other hand, the implementation of a system similar to MIR, for one area for the whole geography, has also been requested to access medical places in colleges, as not all available places are covered in some centers.

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The eternal problem: More graduates than MIR . places

Faced with this situation, the institutions of the Forum consider it necessary to make an improvement in the entire training process, to adapt the places available for obtaining the degree with the provision of resources without reducing the quality of teaching, while at the same time adapting the positions of specialists to meet the needs of the national health system, where there are currently More college graduates than those who then get specialized health training. In this sense, it is necessary to encourage and recognize the work of teachers as an essential piece for the promotion and improvement of specialized health training.

Finally, Forum organizations expressed support for the CESM’s requirement to hold district meetings where an amendment to the Statutes of the Framework is negotiated, with the Federation demanding a specific bylaw for physician and medical staff.

  • The Medical Profession Forum consists of: General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians – CGCOM, Federation of Medical Scientific Societies of Spain – FACME, Confederation of State Medical Syndicates – CESM, National Conference of Deans of Medical Faculties – CNDFM and Council of State Medical Students – CEEM).

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