Doctor Strange, Vehicles and More

The collaboration with Marvel continues, along with Iron Man and Black Widow in the fight against the imagined system.

It’s been a few months since then Chapter 3 Storm the Island From the famous battle-royale from Epic Games with big changes And a lot New collaborations. Fortnite closed in the most epic way chapter 2 that The island we knew turned at sea Since then, this first season has turned out as great as a season The most dangerous bounty hunter in Star Warsso good Tom Holland Came to the island as Nathan Drake.

Dr. Strange and Marauder arrive in FortniteBut finally, Epic Games introduced new season And he did not leave anyone indifferent. The trailer starts with a big noise merciless fierce battle Against the imagined system, in a scene full of Giant combat vehicles: Huge tanks, airships, armored buses and trucks usher in Season 2 with new enemies and allies.

The island sky is filled with balloonsMarvel’s presence among Fortnite co-ops is still more recent than ever, and as we saw in the trailer for this Season 2 of Chapter 3, we’ll have Thieves with Dr. Sloanand forms part of the imaginary order, while Stephen Strange escorted by Iron Man and the Black Widow to save the day.

This collaboration comes when there are only a few months left until the premiere of Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessThe new movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will tell the story next Spider-Man: There is no room for home. It all comes with a file Correction 20.00 For the second season, Resistance, Available from todayMarch 20.

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