Doctor Strange 2 got 86 million in just two days

Finally, the wait is over, and Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, hit movie theaters, making his numbers soar like foam, as this movie has gone around the world for two days and is already a huge hit; Since the film currently has a critics grade 77% at rotten tomatoes The audience rate is 89%.

This is how predictions and bets predict it will hit the box office Doc Stranger 2 It was fulfilled, given that in the last two days, after Dr. Gharib You have raised a huge amount of $86 million at the box office international; Now, according to Deadline, the latest movie from marvel Collection $85.7 million abroad.

While the movie premiered last night in the US and Wednesday night in Mexico, it was uploaded $36 million In presale, bringing the total to $121.7 millionin general, a very cool start, which is why only yesterday, Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness Added 24 more markets to the upcoming country list, bringing its current total to 44, and currently, the film is running at less than 12%. Spider-Man: There is no room for home and 172% advanced Dr. Gharib A native.

Now, this sequel made $6 million on opening day in the UK and had one of the best debuts ever in Latin America, as in Brazil earned $5.1 millionwhich was the second highest opening day during the pandemic and the sixth highest day in history, during Koreaalso has a huge advantage with $14.7 million. Addition of first places abroad also include Mexico With 8 million dollarsJapan ($5.3 million), France ($4.5 million), Australia ($4 million), Italy ($3.3 million), Germany ($2.9 million) and Malaysia ($2.8 million).

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