Doc Antle reviews the new Netflix documentary

Zoo director Doc Antle has criticized the Netflix documentary Tiger King as “stupid, perverted and distorted”.

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story is a three-part series that “unveils the truth” about the owner of Myrtle Beach Safari as witnesses come to recount his disturbing stories of exploitation and intimidation that put him at the top of the food chain. . “.

The summary read: “Being a lifelong showman, Doc Antle built a different kind of career on stage and attracted fans along the way.”

But beneath the strange, gentle and animal-loving facade is a predator far more dangerous than his cuddly big cats, and a man more shaded than any of his Tiger King counterparts.

Antle, whose real name is Mahamayavi Bhagavan Antle, blasted the film in a statement he shared with

Netflix is ​​making a comeback with its tabloid-style fantasy documentary: Tiger King ‘A Doc Antle Story’.

Doc Antle is at the center of the new show Tiger King (Image: Netflix)

“It’s another of Eric Good’s silly, twisted and distorted stories about half-truths and a lot of lies in my life 25 or 35 years ago.

The story has been loosely linked by the Netflix producers, who always represent such facts…no! They created a story about a small mist that they portray as a Category 5 hurricane.

Antle continued, “They’ve gathered a diverse group of colorful second- and third-tier characters from my long-lost past, all trying to tell a story that never happened.

“Here at Myrtle Beach Safari we run the Ritz-Carlton Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the best sanctuaries in the world. We have an amazing staff, most of whom are family members who have lived here for over 20-25 years.

Antle encouraged viewers to come and find the truth for themselves (Image: Netflix)

He decided: ‘If you want the truth, come and try this yourself, talk to us and really get to know us. We like you. Peace and love to Netflix and bless your hearts! “

Antle made a big appearance in the original Tiger King series, with his zoo providing patrons the chance to interact with live exotic animals.

But the documentary also explored other aspects of his life, including accusations of not looking after animals.

He previously criticized his role in the series, saying in a video interview, “This is not a documentary.

“This is a diabolical and infamous journey on a TV show that has been produced to create a drama that connects you with the dismounting of a crazy train wreck between Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic.”

Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story arrives in the UK on Friday 10 December at 8pm

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