Do you want to pay for travel? Know all about a new business call

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“Both countries Perfect Destinations to be a Content Creator from Dell Mobile Shannon KaracaHead of State and Head of Expansion for Australia and New Zealand at Deel.

“We want to help companies hire the best professionals ever since There is talent all over the world, but we know that more opportunities can still be generated. Previously, people had to physically move to get into challenging jobs, now that’s changing with global recruitment. Today, talent can Live and work anywhere And that’s what we want to show by creating this new role.”



How do I apply for the job?

This opportunity is for people with More than three years of experience As content creators for social networks or brand ambassadors, who speak and write Einglishlove the style Bedouin life And I have passion To learn new things and share with the rest of the world.

In case you want to apply, you must enter del official website.

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What does the job offer?

The position presents a It is fully equipped; Monthly payment over st 3400 dollars Per month; Transfers and visas; weekly salary Meals, fuel and parking; s flexible schedule.

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It’s the perfect place for anyone who wants it Disconnect from your routine And embark on a journey through Fabulous landscapesthe diverse and vibrant city life and cultures of Australia and New Zealand – the number of points to see is endless, from Wellington also Sydney until “90 mile straight path” or impose UluruOne of the most famous natural symbols in the region.

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