Do you want to invest in CRYPTOCURRENCY? VISA will advise companies with crypto assets

I wrote in CRYPTO the

some Business Who was more interested in a topic New Payment Methods, are the payment processors, namely: Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. It is precisely the latter that recently made it clear that it intends to take a step forward and through its consulting and analysis department, Visa will advise financial institutionsRetailers and other companies Interested in understanding the functions of cryptocurrency? More basic to explore non-replaceable tokens, known as NFT.

Visa can pressure governments to get banks to trade cryptocurrency

According to CNBC, Support on encryption issues for a large company like Visa, which provides support to the largest banking entities in the world It represents an opportunity to accept cryptocurrency in more places and pressure on governments to take policy measures with regard to their regulation.

In fact, the same Visa I already realize that There are banks very important Interested in start at Providing the service of buying, selling and transactions in cryptocurrency, such as UMB Bank in the United States. It should not be forgotten that in Mexico, Banco Azteca, through its owner: Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has already expressed a desire to start trading and providing services to its customers using cryptocurrencies, but this attempt was stopped by the financial entities of the Mexican government.

“For us, cryptocurrency is a huge new vertical and growth opportunity. We will continue to focus on growing this business in the future.”


94% of bank customers know or have heard of cryptocurrency

On the other hand, the medium also indicates that a study published by Visa last Wednesday, December 8, revealed that:

  • the 94% of your customershave some level of Knowledge about what digital currencies.
  • Nearly a third have used it as an investment or a medium of exchange.
  • More than 6000 people around the world have stated that they are interested in banks offering cryptocurrency services.
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At the moment, nothing is known about Visa’s plans to support cryptocurrencies as a new payment method, but they made it clear that they will continue in the same line of financial innovation.

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