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Do you want a job and can’t find it?

I have the solution: look for it in the US. And he will get a very good salary.

We are witnessing a paradoxical situation these days US economy: Although GDP two quarters backThe Create new job opportunities It seems that he has not been seen for a long time.

in July they created 528 thousand new jobs From work, it exceeded all expectations. And in the past twelve months, they’ve created 6.1 million.

but also, The Unemployment rate It reached 3.5 percent.

If you want to find a rate Plus short In the US it should go back to 1969, 53 years ago.

This circumstance is what has led many people to doubt whether there is a real recession in the American economy or if we are approaching it.

in this context , The demand for workers has grown strongly and this Also includes Mexican migrant workers.

It is estimated that only in the first half of this year, the number of employed migrant workers increased In approximately 466 thousand and 500.

For a reference, number formal workers Workers in Mexico during the same period in 448 thousand 700.

In other words, the number of citizens who got a job in the United States was higher than those who got a job in Mexico’s formal economy.

Of this magnitude is the impulse that is observed.

Thanks for the work you’ve done Jesus Cervantes At CEMLA for many years, we know, for example, that Average monthly salary of Mexican immigrants up to the equivalent of 68 thousand pesos per month.

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The average salary for workers in the formal economy in Mexico is currently 14,560 pesos per month.

he is called, A Mexican worker can aspire to earn 4.7 times more What he earns in Mexico. Many immigrants do not even aspire to the salaries of formal jobs in Mexico.

The growth of immigrant employment at the salary levels to which we attach is a basic explanation for the impetus created by remittances in Mexico.

Analysis by Jesús Cervantes indicates that sending monthly remittances was equivalent to 16.7% of income Average number of immigrants in the first semester of the year.

Data show that there are approximately 7.6 million employed immigrants in the United States, in addition to approximately 10 million American citizens, but of Mexican origin, meaning that their parents or grandparents were also immigrants.

The Mexican immigrant economy is an essential component of the economy of the United States.

Much has been said about deindustrialization or “close localization” One of the factors that attract American companies are seeking to establish themselves in Mexico, and this is a fact.

But there is another factor of great importance manpower shortage that live in the United States and that are also beginning to appear in some of the country’s industrial cities.

However, according to many developers, the main obstacle to the establishment of new factories in some of these cities is not yet the lack of labor, as is evident in the United States, But the potential shortage of electricity.

The new manufacturing plant requires a guarantee of power supply for a long time, in the context of increasing demand.

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The Total electricity generation In Mexico, according to the indicators of the Ministry of Energy, that was in June of this year 5.2 percent less To the same month of 2019, it is not recommended at all if we want to attract investment.

But, going back to the issue of employment, with the differences in salaries and demand that exist in the United States, rest assured that the immigration pressure in our country will continue at least in the following months.

Do you resist the cannon shot 68 thousand pesos per month?

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