Do you like coloring? Discover all the benefits it brings to your mental health

More and more seniors, to stay active, are incorporating simple activities into their routine that allow them to focus on their mind. One of them is the color.

Coloring, although it seems like a very easy task and that we associate with young children, can bring us that Big benefitsEspecially for our mental health.

In this way, doing this activity on a daily basis, which is very interesting for children, can be a great tool Combat cognitive decline and for improves mood, Especially in the elderly.

Today, in addition to books with cartoons for children to color, there are also many coloring books for adults, since they usually contain flowers, artwork, mandalas or animals, Among other examples.

It is also popular to color through digital tablets, as there are now many coloring apps available for all types of electronic devices.

As explained by Joel Bobby, a social worker specializing in psychiatry and psychology, through Mayo Cliniccoloring ‘looks like method Turn off the noise in the world and gives a Relax your brain. Specifically, doing this activity and including it in a routine can do three great things for us Benefits.

Promotes alertness

Vigilance is the ability to Focus and stay in the moment As the experts explain. Thus, mindfulness is about trying to enjoy every moment, being aware of everything that happens to us, both within and around the self.

The coloring activity can help us to be more aware of the present and what is happening at that moment. In this case, the activity allows us to focus on choosing a color and continue drawing within the lines, so we just need Think about the present moment.

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While we are coloring, we can turn off everything around us and allow our mind to focus on the activity, and the movements, sensations and emotions live in the present moment.

stress relief

Coloring is a healthy way to de-stress. When we do this activity, we use the parts of the brain that improve focus and concentration, giving us the opportunity to do so Stay away from stressful thoughts.

In this way, coloring helps calm the brain and help the body to relax, In turn, improving sleep quality, reducing fatigue, and improving aspects such as body aches, heart rate, breathing, feelings of depression and anxiety.

They point out from the Mayo Clinic that while coloring is not the ultimate treatment for stress and anxiety, it may not be good for some people Sitting and enjoying a long session of activity can be very beneficial for the vast majority of people who suffer from stress.

In this case, during activity, experts recommend paying attention to respiratory rate and heart rate.

embracing the incomplete

Another benefit of coloring is that It has no right or wrong way To do this, he is suitable for everyone, The deficiency is creativity.

The fact is that coloring allows us to unleash our imagination, enjoying the simple beauty of being active.

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