Disney Plus reveals trailer for Monsters in Action, Pixar movie sequel; This is DATE premiere

Disney Plus It tries to compete with other streaming services like Netflix s Amazon Prime is emptyOr, therefore, it seeks to expand its catalog of original products. The platform revealed its first trailer Monsters in action, The sequel to the monster movie Pixar, Who first saw the light in 2001.

Mike and Solly You will complete a story Monsters company, Where they will now be the heads of the Power Factory after finding out that Mister Waternoose wants to steal the babies to collect their cries. Monstropolis He needs energy and friends suggest that children’s laughter generates this activity.

De qu trata monsters in action?

In addition to the original characters from the 2001 movie, it will also have new characters. For example, Taylor Toscmon, Graduate monsters University What do you dream about working? Mike Wasawsky and Sully. When you apply for a Monsters Inc. scare , He found out that the company is no longer dedicated to intimidation, but to stand up to comedy.

Thanks Pete Docter, Director of the first movie where Boo looks And the last success Soul. Kathleen Thorson Judd and Rob Gibbs also share this new proposal for the company’s streaming platform. Mickey Mouse.

When is Monsters at Work premiere on Disney +?

Movie premiere Monsters in action In the US Disney Plus it will be July 2, 2021. It is still not known if it will be released on the same date in Latin America or it will be a few weeks late, however, this original project is expected to be a success, as they were. WandaVision s Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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This new plot is part of fan requests, who have requested that the story continue to find out what happened to Boo from the start monsters University Focus on the college life of the heroes, and while it was fun, fun and taught a lot of things, fans wanted more Monsters, Inc.


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