Disney +: David Beckham stars in the Miniseries series

Walt Disney Company Advertise to be a football player David Beckham He will be starring in a new series about Disney +“Save our quad”, as he returns to the East London football stadiums Where he played as a kid.

“The development and protection of young talents is very important in football.”

In those same areas, Beckham would be directing a young, grassroots football team that struggled to survive in the league. David and his team They will take these players, their coach and their community to live a “transformative adventure that will change their lives forever”As stated in the statement.

David Beckham was happy to be able to “shed light” on the type of football he had played early in his soccer career. He said, “I have been very fortunate that my playing career has been long and full of success, and now I have a wonderful opportunity to give back to these communities everything they have given me by becoming their mentor.”

“The development and protection of young talents is very important in football,” he added.

The Disney + series will consist of six 35-minute episodes, which are British production as part of the company’s commitment to providing, developing and producing original sources locally, with the ambition to establish 50 productions in Europe by 2024.

With over a hundred titles announced at the event.Investor’s Day“, Disney + plans to show approximately ten “Star Wars” series. And ten Marvel series, plus fifteen Disney, Disney Animation and Pixar movies in the coming years.

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