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ann andress, A 40-year-old transgender man who identifies as a woman has set a women's national record in a powerlifting competition in Manitoba.Canada. While his athletic achievement could be cause for celebration, It sparked a series of protests and debates about fairness in sporting competition And implementing the policy of self-determination between genders in the sports field.

The incident occurred in StThe powerlifting event in which Anne Andress competed was in the Women's Unequipped category. Andrés did not perform outstandingly in this category solely due to his physiological conditions. This achievement did not go unnoticed and led to A strong protest by some athletes from the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU).

The main criticism is that, Although Canada's gender self-determination policy allows transgender athletes to participate in competitions based on their preferred gender, some athletes argue that this may give an unfair advantage to athletes with masculine physiological advantages. Some voices say that in disciplines where physical strength is crucial, The participation of transgender athletes can distort competition and obstruct justice Opportunities for mathematics in biology.

Andres managed Cumulative result 597.5 kg, taking into account the sum of the heaviest lifts in squat, bench press and deadlift modalities. This is a great result in weightlifting Exceeding the performance of the best female athlete by more than 200 kg In the same category, which recorded 387.5 kg, represented by Sujan Gill.

Riley Gaines, a prominent swimmer, expressed her dissatisfaction with this record. Gaines criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for allowing these types of situations to occur on the sports field. Argue so Andres' powerlifting record is a modest accomplishment for a male powerlifterIn her opinion, this harms the female athletes who have been chasing this record for years.

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Anne Andres He sparked reactions with his posts on social media. On his Instagram account He shared a video of himself participating in the weightlifting event, with a message noting that the most important thing was “being there with his friends,” seemingly downplaying the significance of the record. but,Another video in which she mocks the records achieved by other women in weightlifting. contentI don't understand why women who lift weights are so “bad” at bench pressing compared to him.

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