Discover Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Golden Rule for Happiness

the happiness It has been a concept that has haunted humanity since time immemorial. However, finding it can be a challenge. Difficult and confusing task. Some have claimed that money and comfort in life are the keys to happiness, while others have suggested that love and having a great social circle is what leads to true happiness.

In this context, the myth of bodybuilding Arnold Schwarzenegger He shared his thoughts on what it takes to find happiness in a recent post on The daily pump, his personal blog, after reading a study indicating that people are happier the more money they have. Thus, opening up about his philosophy of life and revealing the “only sure path” to finding happiness, Schwarzenegger would recommend it to anyone looking for it.

Money is not the most important thing

Schwarzenegger did not deny the connection between money and peace of mind to live without problems. It’s true thatMoney makes you feel more comfortable, which the bodybuilder agrees with: “It always drives me crazy when rich people tell other people ‘money can’t buy happiness.’ It can definitely buy you a lot of amenities, and it can make your life a lot easier.” However, despite recognizing that owning an inexpensive mattress provides assurances of living without immediate worries, Schwarzenegger has stated that Convenience and easy access to money is not the same as happiness. “You can be the most comfortable person in the world and still be totally depressed,” said the actor.

So that this does not happen, the former governor of California explained what you should really look for: “If you are missing something in life and you see that the money and comfort that it gives you does not make you happy, I think You need to find a goal. You have to be useful” and he is right, as there are “many miserable and angry and rich people.”

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And if you’ve been trying to find happiness and just can’t, Schwarzenegger has some tips that might surprise you. “The safe way is to help another personknew the actor. He himself experienced the pure joy of being helpful when training Special Olympics athletes in Wisconsin: “I still remember it in the late ’70s, when I went to train Special Olympics athletes for the first time in Wisconsin, I came back to my hotel room feeling Feeling great. I’m talking about pure joy. I sat and thought, “Why am I so happy? Today I didn’t earn money. I didn’t win any prizes. Nothing came back. I felt useful. This is true happiness.”

So, according to Schwarzenegger, true happiness is found in Giving back to others, being a good person and finding purpose in life It allows you to wake up each day with the intention of making the world a better place.

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