Disconnect. – Incredibly rare white robin spotted in the UK

04/07/2021 Incredibly rare white robin is spotted in the UK. Madrid, April 7. (Reprint) An amateur photographer from Stockton-on-Tees, UK, took photos of Nader, an all-white Robin. Something unusual to see. YouTube Society – Caters – Photography by Ali Marley

Madrid, 7th Ab. (Editions)

An amateur photographer from Stockton-on-Tees, UK, captured the all-white rare robin man. Something unusual to see.

Robin’s stunning photo, usually known for her iconic red reverb, was taken by 38-year-old amateur photographer Ali Marley while strolling with her dog near her home.

This amazing bird is believed to be one of the few photographed and is unique in that it is all white, not partly white.

To identify it, the woman relied on her experience with photographing birds and the help of an app to confirm the species. According to her, the bird appeared to her until three different times before, but she was unable to immortalize it until this time.

It is estimated that approximately one in 30,000 robins suffers from partial or total albinism, a condition related to pigmentation and characterized by the absence of any kind of color in their plumage, and also affects pigmentation of the skin and eyes.

On the other hand, albinism is not the only reason that explains the white color of a bird. Losesmia is a genetic trait caused by a recessive gene, which gives a full or partial white color to bird feathers, keeping their eye color intact.

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