Direct flights from Canada back to Mazatlan

After international flights from Canada “dry up” due to the Covid-19 health emergency, they are finally back in Mazatlan.

On Saturday, a Westjet plane entered Mazatlan International Airport, after taking off hours earlier from the Canadian city of Calgary with 160 passengers on board.

“Let’s hope it’s still too cold out there (in Canada) for them to come in, that has benefited us in other high seasons, but the important thing about all of this is that direct flights to Mazatlan from Canada are back,” the Canadian foreign minister said. Tourism in Sinaloa, Oscar Perez Barros.

Municipal and state officials attended the reception of Canadian tourists who presented gifts to the crew, while passengers were delighted with bird shows from the Mazatlan Aquarium and dancers.

“Fortunately, a new date begins, new times and a lot of very good prospects,” said Roman Aguayo Hernandez, president of transport company Atamsa.

“In November and December we expect this growth to grow, and the good thing is that the epidemic traffic light in Sinaloa is green but that will not make the protocols not followed anymore, it will be necessary to establish it so that the tourists can do it by By mouth an invitation to come to Mazatlan in their mouths.

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