Diego Vazquez explains his replacement on the bench against El Salvador and Canada, the absence of Chirinhos and Najjar, and the return of Choco


the Honduras national team He takes his last train to stamp his ticket to the next edition of Gold cup And for this they should prepare with a friend before savior Then he faced the duel from before Canada.

Diego Vasquezthe coach of the Catracha team made a call to the 24 members who will be responsible for being able to take on this challenge that will also allow them to qualify for the Final Four.

The Honduras delegation will meet on Sunday at the national team’s focus hotel tracking And on Monday they begin their journey towards Los Angeles, United States, Where he will play a friendly against the Salvadoran national team. This is how he explained it in the Cinco Deportivo round table programme.

Will you play with foreigners against El Salvador?

We’ll talk to them about how they’re doing and then see if they can spend a few minutes against El Salvador or the whole match. Let’s remember it’s about preparation, which is important, but it’s more against Canada.

Do you have a backup plan in case of injuries before this day?

Yes, sure, we’ve always called in the process and with this ban there are many who have a visa, but hopefully all 24 people are OK.

Are you worried about when the Legion will arrive?

No, other times Chocco and Ellis didn’t come due to injury, now we’ll be with the group, Quioto arrived well and let’s remember he’s a team, but he’s always important because of his morale level.

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In your absence due to injury, will Mauricio Pacini manage?

There’s Jose (Pacini) and Javier (Nunez) Patricio Negrera who’s been there for many years, and we’ll be with a device to call us, we’ll do the tactic, the talking, etc. It’s hard, we have to be calm, but it’s not the most important thing.

What do you think of El Salvador?

They have Salvadoran football things, they handle the ball really well, they have more coaching than we do.

Is El Salvador better than Honduras?

And it is a preparation for the match in order to get points, for the time being it says that we are under them in a draw. You have to try to conquer them without underestimating them, we must not think that we are better than anyone else. Football is a team, you can’t underestimate anyone.

Are you obliged to qualify for the Final Four?

When they hired us they told us to go to the Gold Cup, we might qualify against Canada, but the hope is to get to the top.

What happened that you didn’t summon Chirinus?

The problem with Chirinos is that we have a lot in this situation, it’s going well, in this away game we didn’t take it into account, but for future games, I assure you it will be there.

Was Andy Najjar because of the injury that did not call him?

I spoke to Andy, he was willing to come, but he has a tear and can’t. Before calling them out, call them to see how they are. The important thing is that they feel good and can contribute to the country.

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Have you talked to Choco Lozano?

Yes I have been very close to him and now he is willing to come and when I am with him I know what I want but I always talk to them before calling them. It is important that they feel good before coming and that they can contribute to the country and not feel obligated to do so.

Worried about the defenses not showing up on the outside?

We just have Denyl who went to LA, and we look at everything as a team, and a lot of the time they don’t leave because of a situation. In the country we have very good defenders. Not because there are 5 out there means we’re better off.

How do you feel about what happened with Olympia’s defense against Atlas?

We had Garcia in the minute, Maylor played and scored for Curacao, but now because of the opponent’s system we don’t call him. What happened with Atlas cost them and it’s something that happened recently, but Olimpia and Motagua have done a good job.

Who is the player you left out who has a good level?

Santos has infuriated, and if he has to call him, it will be him and 10 others, but it’s time and that’s the challenge of making a choice. Maylor, García, and Chirinos may be on future calls.

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