Diablo has a new competitor: Undecember is the contender for the RPG throne that you can play for free – Undecember

There is a new contender for the throne, and not just the split that has arisen in recent years Action RPG How Exile Road s missing coffinbut Satan himself, because he does not want to say when Fourth Devil Finally it reaches our computers and consoles. it’s about Novembera game that we were finally able to test thanks to the demo for the following festival.

The truth is that Similarity They’re right there, because it only takes a few hours of gameplay to realize the great visual inspiration in Diablo’s dark fantasy. The first level wants to get out completely, literally, and put us in a building on the back of two giant creatures where all the action takes place. But, with our feet on the ground, that harsh terrain, well recreated, is full of dangers and Disproportionate structures and creatures As noted. There is no doubt that one of the most striking aspects of the Undecember is the production values, with this visual scene, its cinematic sciences and even the subtitles Spanish language texts which many will appreciate.

The tutorial is also very interesting, because it does not force the player to adventure with the class, but allows you to experience Three categories are available (at least for now): Warrior, Archer, and Magic. The differences in gameplay are notorious, but nevertheless, one of the distinguishing features of Undecember will be the opportunity to jump from one to the other as we wish. We won’t stick to a certain class until the end of the adventure.

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We also find interesting approximations in skill system. Through the rune system, and since the classes are variable, we do not have faculties and constant improvements, but we will have to find them all and attribute to our character the elements that are most useful to us to form our own set, to which you can associate other negative runes to improve our hero. They don’t forget about the full customization that goes beyond the shield, and also includes the ability to choose some physical features.

Free to play True or False?

All of the above sounds very optimistic, right? It certainly is, but you also have to keep in mind that this is not a full-priced game, like Diablo, but it belongs to the game group free to play Like Lost Ark or Path of Exile. If these games have taught us anything, it’s that it shouldn’t be a problem, at first, but as we progress through the demo I’ve noticed some mechanisms that we should pay attention to to see how they develop.

There is no indication that the free-to-play state leads to a scary win-win

For example, the health and Mana system, in its distinct Diablo orb forms, contains a file Automatic renewal Very quickly, which makes the use of potions, at least at first, very novel. What is more surprising is to see how even the simplest attacks cause attacks in an area or that after the first bars of the game we can get the ability to It also attacks automatically. Could be issues AccessibilityBut the truth is that these cumulative systems harm the strategy, the positioning of our hero in the game space, in order to focus all our efforts on that other component that is the pillar of the game. Free play: Massive loot for better weapons and equipment. It’s nice that we get better swords, but I’ve always thought that part of the RPG’s boon is also knowing how to navigate the scene, figuring out their synergies and adjusting them based on the new enemies you encounter.

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At the moment, there is no indication that the free-to-play state leads to the terrible Pay to win I’ve only seen a pet system with some extra systems that can only be obtained with in-game currency, but we’ll have to wait for the final version to see how their internal economy works. We won’t have to wait long, because the match is around the corner, today October 12.

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