Devolver Digital’s Steam sales leave us with these highlights

The publisher’s games, in particular because they are so addictive, come to the Valve platform with discounts.

Steam initiatives continue to connect us with video games. It is not enough to own one Successful Steam platform what or what It gets better with every updateNow, the platform fascinates us with a lot of Offers. Although a few days ago he promoted it perseverance festival With discounts on metroidvania, roguelike games and more, it’s now back to attack our wallet with an extension New campaign dedicated to digital back.

As usual in the app, Valve returns to battle with some discounts Dedicated to a distributor most applauded from this sector. So now we have the chance to search for a bargain between all of Devolver Digital’s titles and enjoy their extravagant experiences. But beware, keep in mind that this promotion will be valid until May 16which gives us more than a week to make a decision on our purchases.

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We’ve already looked at everything Devolver Digital has to offer on Steam, and as always, we recommend it to you Some interesting discounts. But, if you want to know about all the promotions, you better take a look at the Valve platform.

  • Disk room for 7.49 euros (prev. for 14.99 euros): One of Devolver Digital’s classic maneuvers is to provide shelter for frantic experiences like this one. Enter a world of deadly discs and get ready to polish your reflexes to the limit.
  • Sign up for €13.99 (previously €19.99): One of the great surprises of 2021 is coming to Steam with 30% off. By blending a dark setting and a bloody arcade game, this indie game distributed by Devolver Digital has attracted the interest of a lot of gamers.
  • Loop Hero for 4.94 euros (prev. for 14.99 euros): Another experiment that, through cards, strategies and infinite loop, managed to attract a large part of the audience. Repeat the same path, over and over, to save the world from complete oblivion.
  • Serious Sam 4 for €15.99 (previously €39.99): brutal action, gunshots all over the place and constant sense of humor. This is the cocktail prepared by the Croteam team with its franchise, the fourth part of which reached the Steam promotion with a 60% discount.
  • Shadow Warrior 3 for €26.99 (previously for €44.99): Another FPS that features frenetic battles, ridiculous amount of enemies, weapons, and frenetic scenes. Considering that this title launched at the beginning of March, Steam gives us a good excuse to try one of the latest games covered by Devolver Digital.
  • Red Strings Club 4.94 euros (before 14.99 euros): This publisher isn’t just dedicated to hosting unruly event titles, and the work signed by Deconstructeam is good proof of that.
  • Stranger West for €29.99 (previously €39.99): The creators of Dishonored and Prey have partnered with a campaign to give us a game that reimagines the Wild West through a darker, more fantastical lens.
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