Dentist sentenced to prison for repairing fake cavities

During the trial, which ended last week, the French National Health Service reported that Guedj Jr. He has placed 28 times more dental bridges in one year than his colleagues. These false cuts are necessary when the original teeth are removed.

Karno Quidge was also sentenced to five years in prison. Father and son found Accused of fraud and comprehensive and systematic distortion of their patients.

Patients left the office with half of their teeth in hand

Among the stories heard in recent days in the court of Marseille in southern France, it is learned that The people who entered Guedj (son’s) office with a toothache and left half of their teeth in their hands.

It was also found that there are patients with serious complications, such as infections and permanent damage to the mouth, because the dentist only took 10 minutes to perform treatments that usually take about an hour.

In addition to being painful, uncomfortable and unnecessary, the interventions were performed Partially paid for by the French health system. The fraud succeeded in inflating Guedj’s fortunes at the expense of insurance companies while their patients were often low-income.

cricket case He drew attention in 2010, when the dentist paid a bill of around 2.9 million euros (roughly the same dollar value) that he invested in real estate, travel and luxury cars.

But the fate of the two changed last Thursday when Al-Adl sentenced them to immediate imprisonment, even considering that the ruling can be appealed in the first instance.


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