Dengue: They ask for a guarantee of “fast and free” repellents.

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Kiss Dengue outbreak and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoesfrom the legislature they asked the provincial government Ensure that insect repellent is provided “quickly and for free”. Which are manufactured in a pharmaceutical industrial laboratory (LIF) for a public health system.

Regional deputy of the Socialist Party Clara Garcia A request, through the Ministry of Health, that implementation be carried out.distribution and presence in sufficient quantities Free repellent.

The claim is particularly intended To all health workers in the governorate and areas participating in blockade activitiesBayan says.

In the submitted project, the legislator specified thatThe number of confirmed dengue cases has so far exceeded 5,800 with an increase of 5,005 cases recorded in 2020.along with 32 of chikungunya, when the last outbreak occurred. He highlighted the focus in the public senior department, where 3,474 cases have been confirmed.

“Besides various prevention measures, in this outbreak context, insect repellents become an essential entry point for individual and group protection. The government must Ensure sufficient stock to respond to population demand In addition to promoting awareness and prevention campaigns throughout the province’s territory,” García said.

In addition, she detailed her application different combinations Who should ensure the provision of insect repellent:

  • health teams caring for and controlling suspected patients with nonspecific febrile syndrome compatible with arboviral diseases;
  • People suspected of having nonspecific fever syndrome (for dengue and other diseases);
  • Residents in the blockade area and who are in a vulnerable position do not have access to repellents economically and since the use of other household products is not recommended;
  • Teams take part in blockades for mosquito-borne diseases and search for feverish people in the region.
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Dengue prevention recommendations

  • Keep spaces clean and empty out anything that could accumulate water.
  • Prevent the entry of mosquitoes with metal nets and files.
  • Use insect repellent and apply it every two hours.
  • If symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, skin spots, nosebleeds, or gums appear, go to the nearest healthcare provider or call a doctor.

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