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Written by: Raul Gastolo Palacios

The dengue fever epidemic has affected the recovery of tourism activity in Piura, to the extent that hotel reservations have declined, and there is less business in travel agencies in the region, according to various unions.

According to the president of the Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies of Piura (Apavit Piura), Isabel Ankajema, setbacks in these companies in the sector have decreased by more than 30 percentage points.

“Despite the fact that May and June are months of low tourism in the region, in normal years reserves amounted to between 40% and 45% of the total, but today we are with reserves of 10%.”Locate Andean Agency.

He pointed out that the tourism sector has already been affected by the rains related to Hurricane Yaku and that a recovery is expected in the second quarter, however, cases of dengue fever prevent a greater dynamic.

A large section of tourists who postponed their Holy Week trips to these dates due to rain, contacted us and The first thing they ask is, “How is dengue fever?”commented.

“For the sake of responsibility and prevention we are informing tourists of the dangers that currently exist. Many have decided to redeploy and some are changing their tickets to other tourist destinations, which is unfortunate for the region.”

Next, forecast that the sector expects a decrease in dengue cases for the month of July and a slight recovery of reserves in the Vistas of Patrias. in this sense, They expect more than 15,000 tourists to arrive.

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“We are still optimistic about Fiesta Patrias and the next humpback whale watching season, which will also take place in July. Every year on those dates we receive about 30,000 tourists just for whale watching. We are waiting. Close between 70% and 50% of the mentioned level“, project.


In turn, the President of the Regional Chamber of Tourism (Caretur) of Piura, Oscar Soriano, agreed with Apavit and revealed that hotel bookings in the region also decreased due to the dengue epidemic.

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“At this time, hotel occupancy in Piura is 60%. However, this year we have reached 30%, half, and this is due to the effects of the dengue epidemic.”inform Andean Agency.

Palliative procedures

In turn, the head of the Regional Directorate for Foreign Trade and Tourism in the Piura Regional Government (Dirtur Piura), Richard Neira, said that the regional government has been implementing palliative measures for weeks to mitigate the effects of the epidemic. Dengue fever in tourism activity.

“To overcome the dengue tourism crisis we have to reduce the disease and for this we are intensifying fumigation campaigns. We are mitigating critical areas in Chulucanas and Sullana, and in Piura we are smoking in the provinces of Piura, Castilla and 23 de Octubre,” he said. to the Andean Agency.

He confirmed that they are coming in parallel Promotion of tourism promotion campaigns And holding foreign trade forums to restore the interest of businessmen and tourists to visit Pura.

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In this regard, he stressed that On June 14 and 15, Expo Pero Norte 2023 will take place in Piura40 international buyers and 90 export companies are expected to visit.

International buyers from South Korea, China and Taiwan, as well as from the United States, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Canada and the United Kingdom, are expected to attend this business conference.

“We are working in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincitor) and the Peruvian Export and Tourism Promotion Committee (Prompero) to revitalize the region’s economy,” he said.

He stressed that today The tourist infrastructure of the region is in the best conditionsTherefore, it is expected that the effects of dengue fever will be reduced so that the tourist flow can be increased rapidly.

“Pura has a coast, mountains and a forest edge. He revealed that we have a lot of tourism potential and to reach optimum levels we have coordinated with municipalities and local tourism committees.

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Publication date: 6/8/2023

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