Demanding the election of an oil leader

We were told that accusations of fraud in the election of the head of the oil union have not dissipated. One participant, claiming to be the winner of the vote, filed a grievance to denounce the alleged vices and wrongdoing committed during the process in which she won. Ricardo Aldana. In order not to lose this outrage over the right of oil tankers to hold free and fair elections, the Tabasco woman Christina Alonso Sent a letter to the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador By listing the facts and reporting that he filed an interim protection action with the Fifth District Court for 1st Circuit Labor Matters. The letter, along with a copy of the lawsuit, was also sent to the Minister of the Interior, his countryman Adam Augusto Lopez.

More independent unions

Inspired by General Motors workers in Silao, Guanajuato, who decided to sponsor their collective bargaining agreement by the Autonomous Union of Auto Workers (SINTTIA), which now includes nearly 2,000 workers at France’s Saint Gobain, which makes everything from windshields. To door hinges for Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Ford and Tesla, it wants to become independent of the CTC. They tell us that Joaquin Guzmanthe general secretary of the Independent Confederation of Liberal Workers and Democrats of Saint-Gobain, is in the process of collecting 200 signatures to request a vote across the plant, located in Cuautla, Morelos, to see which of the two unions will win.

Torruco regrets depending on the United States

At the International Tourism Fair 2022, which is taking place this week in Varadero, Cuba, we are told that the Minister of Tourism, Miguel Torokoaccompanied by the head of the island, Miguel Diaz-Canel, who lamented that in 2018, the last year of the previous government, Mexico relied on 67.6% of travelers from North America (US and Canada). There, he called for closer cooperation in the field of tourism “with brotherly countries such as Cuba.” However, they report to us that dependence on northern neighbors is increasing and has reached 73.6% in the first three months of 2022, while the largest of the Antilles was barely 0.5% of foreigners arriving at Mexican airports. Torruco also announced the expansion and opening of flights between Mexico and the island.

Alliance in San Diego, California

volaris, from Enrique Beltranina, in alliance with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in San Diego County and Imperial Valley. With this agreement, the two parties are committed to promoting economic dynamism on the northern border. The programs focus on resolving the issue that those traveling from Mexico or the United States for medical or business reasons can do so with shorter transit times, more affordable rates, and greater safety when traveling. There are approximately 130,000 Latinos and Hispanics residing in the San Diego Valley and 21% of businesses in the area rely on travel between both sides of the border. Volaris will continue to work with Cross Border Xpress, which connects Tijuana with San Diego, to promote safe travel.

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