Deltacron: a new type for Cyprus; Lab technical error, according to Greece and UK

The alleged discovery of an aggregated version of the pandemic coronavirus between the Delta and Omicron variants was announced on Saturday. The director of the Cyprus Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology and Virology, Leondios Kostridis, claims to have identified as many as 25 infections of what they have dubbed Deltacron. More common, according to their report, in hospitalized patients. Still awaiting an in-depth study on its virulence and infection occurrence, it is clear that everything indicates that it will not prevail over the dominant variants. But the first hours of its discovery are questionable by what they refer to from Greece and the United Kingdom. According to a member of the expert committee in Athens, Gikkas Majorkinis, “the first independent analyzes show that it is a technical error of the Cypriot laboratory in the process of reading the genome.” Something also pointed out by virologists like Tom Peacock, of Imperial College London, who talks about “contamination” in identifying the virus. An alternative monitored, at the moment, by the World Health Organization is the so-called IHU, which has been in Cameroon since September, but they believe it could have been eradicated due to the massive infection with Omicron. Highlight the experts, is to leave no country behind vaccination to reduce the risks of new variants, while continuing to implement measures to contain the virus with ventilation and mask.

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