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In the provincial health ministries, daily epidemiological reports are closely monitored, and so far initial plans to liberalize economic, social and educational activities are still on track.

Neuquén was one of the first rulers to issue the ultimatum Omar Gutierrez, who said “You know that what has happened in the whole world sooner or later ends up affecting every corner of humanity: Delta has arrived, and I say this not to frighten us but to take care of us.”

Thus the head of the Nyukino People’s Movement referred to the delta cases registered in the provincial capital. According to the Minister of Health, Andrea BevySince the end of the week, in the genetic sequencing carried out at the district’s central laboratory, 6 samples – out of a total of 26 – have been detected with this variant. In all cases in “good health”, and in two of them, with recent trips abroad (US and Peru).

“We’ve so far been able to avoid the arrival of the delta variant, but that hasn’t happened in other jurisdictions,” Gutierrez said, as well as noting that “the trip abroad is not the only evidence of that strain’s arrival” and that “the delta may have come from other counties.” .

In the face of this scenario, Governor Neuquen urged citizens to get immunized against the coronavirus (today 61% have a full scheme and 80% have at least one dose) and recommended maintaining mask use amidst resilience operations that have prompted several counties to raise the commitment to use it outdoors .

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Also Santa Fe and Cordoba

Warning signs appeared from santa fe, where the delta variant already accounts for about 40% of the positives detected, with nearly a hundred currently active cases under the still-low level of infection at the moment.

“We know that cases are likely to double next month,” the regional health minister warned. Sonia Martorano. In this context, a teacher from Santa Fe Oliveros (already vaccinated with both doses) Tests positive for the Delta after a trip to Cordoba, for this reason About 90 people had to be isolated.

In case Cordoba, in the last hours, six new cases of delta variant (with epidemiological link with people already diagnosed) have been reported, so that There are 259 people infected with this strain, the county health department said.


Meanwhile, the influence of the delta variable in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area (AMBA) is increasing. “What we noticed in Buenos Aires is that in weeks 37 and 38 (until September 25) the delta variant reached 35.9% of the samples we sequenced, which is equivalent to the prevalence of the gamma variant (which originated in Manaus),” said the virologist and researcher at Buenos Aires. past hours” Humberto Debat. He also explained that in the same period in the province of Buenos Aires “the delta reached a prevalence of 37.5%, while gamma still constituted the majority (56.3%) and lambda (Andina) 6.3%”.

The researcher noted that another province where the delta variable is increasing is Santa Fe “where as of September 25 it reached 25% of the samples analyzed”, while it was in the province of Córdoba 4.9%.

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This increase in prevalence in samples did not translate into an increase in MERS cases. However, in the city of Buenos Aires, where cases have been steadily declining, this rate of decline has slowed and in recent days there has been more stabilization or even an initial increase in notifications,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Tucumán, there is already societal circulation of the delta variant, and in the case of Famila city, a backlog of nearly twenty cases has led to the announcement of strict community restrictions that were not finally implemented due to the disapproval of the population. |


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