Delta Air Lines plans to acquire the UK’s largest network

The UK is changing its immigration rules to allow travelers to be vaccinated against it I and the United State on the earth, Delta Airlines Get ready to make more flights between United kingdom.

Delta plans to make the following changes to its network:

  • Seattle – Wonder Heathrow Reboot three times a week starting October 7th.
  • Detroit – Londres Heathrow Reboot four times a week starting October 11th.
  • New York JFK – London Heathrow – Frequency has been increased to 14 flights per week (twice a day)

All of the above services you will use Boeing 767-400ER.

Daily operation of Atlanta To London, Heathrow will continue to fly daily with it Airbus A330.

All flights are equipped with full Delta One flat beds, Delta Comfort+ and main cabin service with personal rear seat entertainment screens with new premium content, Wi-Fi on purchase and free mobile messaging.

Delta operates transatlantic flights with a joint venture partner Virgin of the Atlantic Ocean. This adds Boston, Los Angeles NS Miami, as well as Atlanta and New York JFK to your list of options.

For those who want to communicate France NS HollandNS French air NS KLM Operating 43 joint flights to the United States.

Admission requirements

To travel to the UK, customers will need:

  • to provide under equal conditions. Much A vaccination test and a negative test (PCR, LAMP or antigen) is done within three days of departure.
  • Get a PCR test done a day or two before you arrive.

The United Kingdom put the United States of America on the travel orange list. You can read the rules here. This blog broke UK travel advice into pieces that are easier to swallow For those who do not wish to consult advice on transportation management.

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To re-enter the United States, customers must provide evidence of a negative test within three days of departure.

Advanced Delta ready to fly A product that helps customers traveling between the US and UK to more easily manage test requirements and check results before arriving at the airport, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of being refused boarding.

Vaccination credentials will be merged later this summer. Over time, the solution will reduce the amount of paperwork involved in checking a customer’s Delta FlyReady status.

However, proof of US residence and a full CDC vaccination card are required to enter the UK. It is imposed on you.

between quotes

Joe Esposito, Senior Vice President of Network Planning, Delta, said:

“The long-awaited reopening is an important step as the borders have been closed to most travelers for more than a year,

“We are passionate about helping customers rediscover the joy of travel, while always keeping health and safety as our top priority in the dynamic global travel environment.”

The corridor between the United States and the United Kingdom is critical to international travel and trade, with 22 million people and 900,000 tons of cargo transported between the two countries in 2019.

Perfect for American travelers. Maybe in the UK in the medium term?

It should be noted at this point that while US travelers can enter the UK and Europe, the US is allowed to enter the UK and Europe. very slow To share the same privileges, keeping your borders closed to those who come from these areas, although you can spend two weeks in Mexico or another country from which you are allowed to travel and then travel to the United States.

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For those of us who need to fix the connections on a big lake, the day the US will receive visitors from the UK and Europe won’t be soon.

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