Deepening cooperation in science and technology with Costa Rica

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmus, and the Minister of Science, Technology and Communications of the Republic of Costa Rica, Paola Vega Castillo, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of science and technology, within the framework of the Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement signed between the two countries in 1983.

Areas of collaboration will be health research with a focus on therapeutics and diagnostics to combat the COVID-19 epidemic, including convalescent plasma-based therapy, equine serum-based therapy, inhaled ibuprofen and cross-diagnostic technology. Serological testing, among others; The dynamic economy and the circular economy. satellite development and contribution to agriculture; Artificial Intelligence, Cyber ​​Security and Innovation.

Filmus expressed Argentina’s readiness “to cooperate, contribute resources and learn from this bilateral cooperation agreement with Costa Rica. We have a lot to work on in issues of energy transmission, cooperation in space, transmission of satellite data for better agriculture and prevention of climate disasters, and health-related issues, from Among many other things, and for this, it is necessary to identify responsible researchers from both countries who will be linked for mutual cooperation.”

In turn, Vega Castillo highlighted the “multiple areas of cooperation among which are scientific-technological linkage; scientific diplomacy, strengthening technology-based companies; decentralized circular economy and rural development; production sector green energy and hydrogen transmission; ocean conservation and crop control using the Internet of Things” .

Among the modalities of cooperation are the development of scientific and technological projects between research groups; Implementation of joint research projects in areas of common interest. Organization of specialized seminars, workshops, scientific and technological seminars for the exchange of non-confidential information, knowledge and good practices among experts; Activities for training human talents, promoting scientific advocacy and social acquisition of knowledge; Scientific exchange activities and R + D + i support personnel, implementation of R + D + i projects with the participation of the productive sector in order to promote technology transfer.

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During the signing ceremony, Argentine Ambassador to Costa Rica Luis Bilando. Costa Rica’s ambassador to Argentina, Jeanette Campos, and officials from the two countries’ delegations.

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