Dead Mosquite | Ellen Pompeo’s comments about “Grey’s Anatomy” that angered her fans

Since the release of “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2005, it has undoubtedly become a true phenomenon. The Shonda Rhimes series has established itself as an icon of popular culture, not only because of the intensity of love stories, but also because of breaking stereotypes. But protagonist Ellen Pompeo gave an interview this week that drew much criticism.

And that’s what Pompeo has emphasized, for a long time, that “Grey’s Anatomy” must come to an end. “I was trying to focus on convincing everyone that this should endThe actress admitted in an interview with “Insider”. However, the team of creators refuses for one simple reason: the series continues to generate millions.

Indeed, Pompeo admitted: “I feel like I’m the very naive person who keeps saying, but what’s the story? What story are we going to tell this time? And everybody’s like, ‘Who cares about that, Eileen?'” Raise a Millionaire! “

Meanwhile, while the actress was trying to say that the series had come to some sort of “natural ending,” many fans of Grey’s Anatomy got angry and came to cross his words, not only because they didn’t want to think about the ending but because they argued that there really was a lack of commitment on their part.

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