Days Gone director joins authors of new Tomb Raider game but plays mystery

Jeff Ross on Twitter celebrated his founding of Crystal Dynamics.

The Unreal Status 2022 Today he left us interesting news like news New Tomb Raiderthat we knew Developed in Unreal Engine 5. The game is run by Crystal DynamicsBut the study has not yet provided pictures of what we will find in new adventures Lara Croft.

However, this was not the only news regarding the study Rise of the Tomb Raider And the marvel avengersAnd the Jeff RossDirector Days gone byFrom his Twitter account, Founded by Crystal Dynamicswhile sharing a job offer from the Square Enix-owned studio, with about fifty job openings.

Ross will join Crystal Dynamics as Design DirectorRoss confirmed it He will assume the role of Design Director In the studio, though, he didn’t provide more information about the project he’s working on: “That’s all I can sayPlus, I’m thrilled with the project, especially with the team of amazing people. Ross took the opportunity to share his plans to move to Seattle this summer and encouraged his followers to go work with him.

In recent months, Jeff Ross has appeared in the news on several occasions after admitting his plans with Days Gone, Former member of Bend Studio I had in mind Expansion of the trilogy, with a sequel focused on improving its narrative and mechanics, as well as enhancing its open world. Ross also talked about a Reboot of the popular Siphon Filter franchise Which, apparently, became the table.

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