Day 3 of Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Oncology begins in Austral Patagonia

In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thursday 13th October The third day of Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Oncology started in Austral Patagonia. Two days will be held with different activities today and tomorrow. Today Thursday, October 13, the day is open to the community in general, and Friday, October 14 will be dedicated to health professionals.

“Today at 2:00 pm we begin the opening of the third day of nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and oncology in southern Patagonia. We are working more day by day to provide all the services that we integrate and try to cover all the needs that our residents present in this type of disease.” Dr. Hector Tejadapresident of the Austral Patagonian Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy (CEMNPA), in an interview with the programme stationwhich is broadcast on Weather FM 97.5.

Following this line, Dr Tejada said: “We are returning to face-to-face confrontation, which we have lost with the epidemic, so it will be my pleasure to welcome the neighbours. Explaining all the possibilities available to them for treatment and their containment in our city“.

In response to a question about the share of these sessions, he said:We’ve enabled 50 places For people to sit down, we’ve done an impromptu zoom, and we’ve got networks for people to network. even in YouTube will be available for live broadcasting“.

On the other hand, he indicated the topics that will be focused on in these meetings: “Today is dedicated to radiotherapy, palliative care, and the advancement of ontology with various specialists who will address it. In the end, We will make a common table with the professionals So that among all of us we can provide answers to people’s fears.”

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“Tomorrow, Friday, we’ll start at 9:00 a.m., which is custom Specialists in any specialty related to cancerHe stressed that there is no tariff preventing entry and we hope that there will be a large number of professionals.

In conclusion, the President of CEMNPA expressed, “Both our specialists and those we invite from outside have expertise in the latest in terms of treatments and behaviours. These They make us aware of these new developments and apply them every day in our profession“.

It should be noted that Our boycott has turned into a huge page As for the needs of our people, before they were referred to other cities, this was causing the sick to travel to places never before, far from his family, and it was even more painful. Now we give him everything,” he concluded.

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