Dating in Colombia until 2024

The quotes to process US work visa It will be available until 2024, the US Embassy in Colombia announced.

The availability of dates for the US work visa until 2024 is due to the congestion in the issuance and renewal of visas. since Average waiting times They are about three years old.

However there are some exceptions. For example, when it comes to Emergency cases s humanitarian affairs It will be subject to consideration by the US government. In addition, persons under the age of 14 and those over the age of 79 who wish to renew their expired visa will be able to access this document without the need for an interview.

Appointments in Colombia for a US work visa

It should be noted that these records come from the beginning of the pandemic. on what has been created Administrative brakes. During 2019, nearly 220 thousand visas were approved; In 2020, nearly 100 thousand were delivered and in 2021 only 54 thousand and 452 were delivered.

In addition, the office recommends citizens who have Your visa is valid Don’t wait for it to expire. They should also check the website to see if any space has been freed up for an earlier appointment.

Through the embassy system you can get it Dates for leaving the passport. One novelty is that document shipments will no longer be made by the courier company that was used. The period for returning the passport is two weeks.

The Embassy does not charge a fee for scheduling or submitting appointments, as this depends on Quota release or cancellation by the citizens. Finally, the US work visa is priced at $160.

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