Dario Genoa will be Alejandro Cosentino's successor in the Ministry of Science and Technology

Dario Genoa, the new Secretary for Innovation, Science and Technology

After the departure of Nicolas Bossi from the national government, changes in the structure of some areas of executive power continued. After the resignation of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Alejandro Cosentino, whose successor is already known. It will be Dario Genoa, who has until now served as Chief of Staff of the National Communications Authority (ENACOM)..

Genoa has a degree in Business Administration and before coming to ENACOM was Director of Telecom Argentina. He also served as Minister of Economy and Finance in the Municipality of Pilar in Buenos Aires, with Mayor Federico Achaval.

In science and technology, Genoa has hard work ahead: employees of the former Ministry of Science and Technology, which was led by Daniel Vilmos during the administration of Alberto Fernández, are demanding greater budget implementation and demanding the provision of scholarships and scholarships. Reactivating projects that have been paralyzed in recent months.

According to estimates by the Ibero-American Center for Research, Science and Innovation (CIICTI), it recorded a year-on-year decline of 20.9% in the first months of 2024. They expect that it could expand by up to 30%.

Cosentino's departure is explained by the departure of Bossi, who appointed him. But the decision to step down is also linked to the planned reshuffle of her district, which will be subject to the separation of the Department of Innovation and Technology from the Department of Science. A fact that would represent a change in the secretary's duties.

Outgoing Minister of Science and Technology Alejandro Cosentino.

The now former secretary tendered his resignation yesterday, even though he was available to the new Chief of Staff, Guillermo Francos, to help make a correct transition in the regions.

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Cosentino was one of the founders of the fintech company Afluenta in 2008. In addition, in the 1990s he also worked as a director of the famous record store chain Musimundo. He was never in public service until December 2023 when he arrived in the administration of La Libertad Avanza.

In April this year, its secretariat was forced to absorb some additional positions due to changes that occurred in other sectors. At that time, he took charge of Communications and Communications, which had become dependent on innovation, science and technology after the dismissal of its former president, Ignacio Cingolani.

Cosentino came to the government of Javier Miley Fernando Ceremido, one of the Libertarian Project's digital strategists who had a strong presence in the campaign. In fact, he was the one who advised that the official join the inspection team during the campaign. In the Campimos government, he had some short circuits with his company.

The outgoing Secretary was also one of those responsible for the transitional phase along with the Chief of Staff Sylvester Savorythe new auditor of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), who, like the rest, also reviews the structure and operation of the intelligence area.

Bossi left the government on Monday night, April 27, and with his departure, many changes occurred in the structure of the Chief of Staff. With Francos in his place, the Ministry of the Interior now had a secretarial rank – held by Lisandro Catalan – while deputy command remained in the hands of José Rolandi.

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