Daniel Tangona reveals the keys to being fit and achieving a healthy life

A benchmark in fitness and wellbeing, its name has a global reach. The author of Excuses Fatten and The Way Without Excuses, he’s about to launch Why It Costs Us So Much If It’s Good for Us on Friday, May 12 at the Book Fair. but path Daniel Tangona It’s not just about writing. He has a professional coach certificate, he has trained at the prestigious Yale and Harvard universities in the United States and in Torquato di Tella. In addition, he has a personal trainer degree from the University of Miami. It is if there is something that sets him apart, it is his passion for his calling, which leads people to get the best out of themselves and find the best version of themselves.

with holistic and comprehensive approach, “Tango”, as they say in his environment, directs his students in a personalized manner taking into account emotional state, nutrition, needs and limitations. He is a great motivator and teacher, he affirms: “The best investment is ourselves. As soon as health is not accompanied, everything turns off,” during his conversation with participants in the third meeting of the new cycle “LN + near wellness”, Run by a journalist Nation Maria Ayuso. Through this exclusive space, the goal is to connect with the good side of life and what nourishes and generates harmony.

With his extensive career and motivated by a desire to spread his knowledge and expertise in the field of fitness, Tangona answers the questions and concerns of those who They want to start moving, but they still can’t find a way to do it. It also provides the keys to being fit and achieving a healthy life.

A sedentary lifestyle is a big problem in the modern world: many spend many hours sitting in front of a computer and when they finish it, fatigue from a demanding and demanding work day invades them. So, For fear of failure, lack of time or motivation, putting on your shoes and going out to train isn’t always easy. And although there are many who fantasize about doing it, they don’t know where to start and put it off.

Daniel Tangona with Maria Ayuso, journalist and moderator of the 3rd meeting of the LN + Cerca Bienestar course, exclusively for subscribersSantiago Filipuzzi

in this meaning, Tangona encourages everyone to move, no matter where or how: He states: “Many people worry that they have such a heavy workload that they have little time left to go out to exercise, and some, for example, cannot afford a gym.” For this reason, he suggests not making excuses and looking for small moments to get out of the chair and get moving. Instead of using the elevator, I took the stairs, stretched, squatted, and went for a walk after lunch. You don’t need to train hard. The important thing is that you gradually incorporate healthy habits and habits,” reveals the trainer.

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During the conversation, one of the most common concerns of readers was whether it was too late at the age of three to change lifestyle and start new habits. “It’s never too late to start exercising” Tangona comments and warns: “It has nothing to do with age but with attitude. People age because they stop moving, because they begin to eat less food and reduce their water consumption. He who does not move rusts.”

In this regard, to the boss It is not necessary to do great things, rather it suggests that you go little by little, listening to your body, without asking for more. But he stresses that there must be discipline and perseverance in the activity of your choice. “You can start by getting up from a chair or armchair once and sitting down again. The next day you repeat it twice and so on, ”says the instructor.

“It’s never too late to start working out,” Daniel Tangona, a professional trainer and trainer stock struggle

consult about How to find motivation The secret, Tangona explains, is in forming habits: “Even if they’re hard to generate, once you do, they start working for you,” he says. But what about the days when you have no energy? “You have to move the same. That’s the only way to learn to be consistent and the truth is that the body needs order and discipline,” he reveals.

The person responsible for prioritizing the start of this topic was the journalist from LA NACION, mariana arias, who, according to her, is a loyal runner: “It is said that people should do the activities they like most and are comfortable with, but What are the appropriate exercises when you are over 50 years old?

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Without holding back or holding back, Tangona responds You have to do everything within what is the logic of age. “Everyone has their needs met and they keep track of their minimum and maximum heart rate, they can do whatever they prefer,” he says. In this way, he suggests alternating aerobic activities with weight lifting because you need strong muscles to be protected and “this is achieved by doing exercises with a load.”

Tangona suggests alternating aerobic activities with weight lifting to strengthen musclesstock struggle

In this research path, if there is one thing to keep in mind, this is it Not everyone can do the same aerobic activity Because everyone is a different world and what controls are good for one person may not be good for another. For this reason, the trainer advises against choosing one where you don’t struggle. Thus, it offers some unconventional activity options.

First of all, worship dance: He asks, and continues, “Have you ever thought about dancing?” In addition to being cardiovascular work, it has the effect of alertness because it requires you to focus on the choreography.”

Another alternative he suggests is walking with weights: “While walking I can slow down and do 10 push-ups, go forward and do a few squats, go forward and do lunges, and do crunches,” he says. As he says, it’s a combination bodybuilding and cardio workout and if it’s done for 30 to 40 minutes, “You’re complete,” he specifies. This means that “after half an hour of working consciously, you won’t need more because when you do more, you end up giving up,” Tanguna admits. Faced with this practice, the instructor advises that for it to be effective, you must feel panting, some tachycardia, and sweating.

Listening to music and dancing release feelingsShutterstock – Shutterstock

It also tempts boxing, An activity that releases built-up tension while at the same time strengthening muscles. In “Tango” terms, this exercise is it “The best anxiolytic in history” He explains that he usually gives it to his students at the end of class. “It’s a one-way street,” he says, “it releases energy and endorphins.”

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Although anyone wants to get started in the world of fitness, there are certain aspects to consider in order to make this journey smooth, enjoyable, and sustainable over time. For Tangona, it is important Consult a medical and sports professional before starting any activity: “It is essential to take preventive examinations to avoid infections and to know what health conditions you are in.” Then, with the results on the table, the next step is to draw up a training plan where the criteria and conditions for the activity to be carried out are laid down. “For example, I can’t get a hypertensive person to lift weight,” he states.

Another pillar, Tangona asserts, is to be guided and accompanied by an instructor, But what should be taken into consideration when choosing one? readers wondered themselves. “The key is to find someone who has a holistic, holistic perspective, who gets you out of your comfort zone, but in a careful way, it’s not an idea that the next day you end up broke and can’t move.”

For a coach, physical activity should be part of the daily life of people regardless of age, because it brings countless benefits: “Training takes care of the self, takes personal awareness, feels the muscles, relieves pain, and prevents aging.” comment. However, what cannot be expected is that results arrive quickly, rather it is a long-term job that requires dedication and commitment throughout the year.

However, to achieve well-being, it is not enough just to train. As the coach explained, the secret also lies in feed, That is, in following a healthy diet and in accordance with the requirements of each and where priority is given to good hydration based on mineral water.

the contemplation It is one of the other areas of personal development that the coach suggests. He stresses that it is important to identify what is needed and to exploit the potential. In this combo the key to quality of life is you and the only limitation is you; that’s why it’s essential take command tops tanjuna.

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