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The chlorine bath also describes the authorities of Buxton, Derbyshire, England, what could be the experience of swimming in the waters of Harbor Hill or blue lake, as a picturesque, but poisonous, destination that attracted tourists Looking to take a picture with the landscape in the background.

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Located in a limestone quarry, this lake has been described as possibly the most dangerous water in the world. United kingdom Because it has high levels of alkaline pH, according to the Daily Mail, which can be harmful to the skin.

With the onset of the hot summer weather, the police realized the need to keep an eye on the area to keep the curious away. Although there are no reports yet of any inappropriate behavior.

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Even its water had been dyed black over and over before to avoid the curious looking for a drink. Photograph With its blue waters in the background, as last year, it posed problems for the locals when thousands of people appeared drawn to the brilliant blue of the waters.

According to English media, the site may also be littered with animal carcasses, droppings, and even a rusty car floating just below the surface, adding to the multiple chemicals that make the lake’s waters a potential focus of disease and irritation. Skin, because the pH has the same value as bleach or chlorine.

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