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The world of dance celebrates its day all over the world, from Korea to Germany, Mexico, Spain or Peru, with street events to get closer to the public and also on social networks, Filled with messages of harmony and demanding a better world.

This is the case of Staats Nuremberg Ballet Theater (Germany) that through its YouTube channel, it shows the faces of professional dancers Japan, Brazil, the United States, Cuba or the United Kingdom, To warn that this year they do not celebrate this day in a happy way because they are aware of the pain that exists in society, comments its director Joyo Monteiro.

But they do want to celebrate “compassion for adversity” and invite us to accept differences in race, religion, politics, gender, gender or nationality: “Art succeeds in uniting us into one mass to which we all belong.”

In this line of searching for harmony, the National Ballet and National Dance Troupe Spanish women joined their creativity to dance in front of Pablo Picasso’s iconic “Guernica”, with a message of solidarity through the universal language of dance.

The Cuban “Mi Compañía” is responsible for representing the American countries at the event organized by him The International Theater Institute (ITI) in Paris, With “Infinito” by Susanna Boss, as reported by the company on social networks.

In addition, other performances of dance representatives from Africa, Asia Pacific, America, Europe and Arab countries can be viewed through its website.

The National Center for Mexican Arts invites dancing Fridays with free admission to a program that includes more than 25 performances, Dance lessons and a video presentation of “Moving Murals”. José Clemente Orozco and the Campobello Sisters”.

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In Peru there will be various activities open to the public between today and tomorrow, within the framework of the month of dance, and at the Danza Con Causa, where there will be presentations, free workshops and a raffle for scholarships among the attendees.

“The lonely and tired audience needs the dancers’ solidarity and solace”, In her message, she emphasized the International Korean Dance Day Kang Soo Jin, Director of the National Ballet of South Korea.

UNESCO established World Dance Day in 1982 to commemorate the birth of the master and creator of modern ballet Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810). (me)

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