Dalmatian Dog, Fireman: What Characteristics Make It So Weird?

Dr. Romero talks about the origin and characteristics of the Dalmatian dog

there dog rare. There are dogs whose origin is not well known. One of those dogs Dalmatian. The Dalmatian is said to be the gypsy dog. For you and me is a dog “101 Dalmatians”l “Night of Cold Noses”, to Cruella Devillethat he wanted to capture those puppies to cover himself, it’s real cruelty.

Sure enough, it’s a carts dog, so a gypsy dog. He comes from Dalmatia and then he was this multi-level dog there, he was a dog that was used for hunting, he was a dog that was used for company, he was a dog that was used in some way for multipurpose and he was, on top of that, a beautiful dog.

It is the only spotted dog of these characteristics with black or liver-brown colouring. It was a dog that followed gypsy carts. So, from there, vanity emerged.

All over the world, the Dalmatian became famous, having the peak of its popularity, when the movie “Night of Cold Noses” or “101 Dalmatians” appeared on the billboard.

The story goes that Washington was going to ascend to the presidency of the United States and that his wife, who was walking in Europe, saw these dogs and asked him to take them around the carriages at the inauguration. From there they came to America and from there they became transport dogs.

And who had carts where they ran for emergency help? Firefighter. It became the model dog for firefighters in the rest of the United States.

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It became famous all over the world, and met the peak of popularity, when “The Night of Cold Noses” or “101 Dalmatians” appeared on the billboard, renewed according to different generations.

Cruella De Vil, in fiction, wanted their families with puppies to cover up, which is real cruelty (Disney)

They are born white, then they stain and have a certain characteristic, they urinate as if they were chickens. They are the only mammals that eliminate their appendages, their toxins, not in the form of urea as all mammals do, but as chickens do, as uric acid, thus clouding the urine.

A rare dog, of uncertain origin, who generates much tenderness for all of us who know him.

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