Daddy Yankee’s unexpected project with Netflix following his retirement from the stage

Daddy Yankee He announced a while ago that he had decided to leave the stage. Thus, he released his latest album titled Legendaddy and announced a tour that brought him to Argentina which will end in Puerto Rico with dates November and December this year.

Thus, the reggaeton singer and producer started to open new doors in his career and ever since Netflix They announced it He will take on the role of Executive Producer for a new series which focuses on urban music and the dreams of a group of friends to reach the top.

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The legendary Daddy Yankee AKA The Big Boss Will the CEO produce ‘Neon’?a new comedy series coming soon to Netflix. Spoiler alert: He’ll also offer a cameoThey wrote from the official Twitter account of the N giant and intrigued thousands of fans, as well as discord many users of the social network.

The singer moves into the world of soap operas and collaborates with Netflix. (photo: Capture Twitter/NetflixLAT)

for now, It is known that the series will include 8 episodes, which will take place in Miami It will tell how three friends move to the city of Florida to become reggae artists. Although Daddy doesn’t appear to be the main character in this story that will premiere in 2023. And yes, he will have his appearance.

Farewell Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee He will say goodbye to his career with this event “the goalWith many concerts Puerto Rico Amphitheater Jose Miguel Agrelot between November 30 and December 3 of this year. In March of last year, the singer spoke about his decision to retire from music and had planned to hold his last three concerts in Puerto Rico in January, but they were postponed.

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Puerto Rico, we’re ready now To say goodbye to my music career As you deserve this will be my greatest achievement, being with my people and with everyone who will be visiting my beautiful island for my retirement,” the so-called Reggaeton chief said via his Instagram account.

Daddy Yankee has announced his retirement from the stage. (photo: Instagram)

“The race starts from the moment you start breathing. As you grow, you look at the path to take, the easy but short path, or the path with obstacles but rewarding. This was the path I took in my life to become An artist like his island with a voice that came out of the neighborhood“, he added.

“I am glad to know that I say goodbye to the scenarios I was born into, Where I live in Puerto Rico. Public relations. And we will celebrate this with reggaeton. See you at Choliseo so we can all enjoy La Meta together,” Dad concluded.

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