Cynthia Fernandez Luciana Salazar was devastated over the exorbitant amount she paid for her daughter's school

In the last hours, Cynthia Fernandez Luciana targeted Salazar again for his sakeTo the supposed million-dollar fee that the blonde will pay for her daughter Matilda's school.

The spokeswoman sent a very harsh message through her Twitter account. “How does the girl Lucianita Salazar pay for school?“, he began to wonder. He continued in this manner: “The school costs $1,500, according to what they told me.“.

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“If my source is not mistaken, How could an unemployed person like her maintain that? I want the recipe,” Salazar snapped.

Cynthia Fernandez destroyed Luciana Salazar (Photo: Twitter Capt/@cinthifernandez)

Finally, the dancer concluded by quoting a phrase from Javier Miley: “There is no money“.

Cynthia Fernandez fell asleep watching an Argentinian movie and was a jeweler: “Are we paying for this?”

Cynthia Fernandez She enjoys the summer vacation with her daughters and that is why she does different activities to make the most of these free months. Last night, the media shared her experience after being taken Charis, Beautiful And Francesca To the cinema, he explained that he did not enjoy the Argentine film that the girls had chosen.

We came to see it guys, can you spoil it for me if it's good or should I take a nap?“, Cynthia Fernandez surmised on her Instagram Stories, already thinking about the possibility of sleeping in. However, he decided to try it.

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However, the film about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar did not convince the speaker, so she recorded a video during the screening to express her disappointment. “What a fun movie…is this what we pay for?' He asked in a sarcastic tone while laughing.

The panelist took her daughters to the movies but did not enjoy the movie as much as she expected. (Photo: Instagram/Cynthia_Fernandez_)

As if that wasn't enough, he finally decided to take advantage of it and close his eyes for a while. While the hall applauded with joy, the journalist was sleeping peacefully in her chair. One of her friends shared a video of her nap. Cynthia Fernandez on their networks and replied:This HDP, don't burn me! revenge“.

Cynthia Fernandez's anguish over the Three Kings Day she will spend with her daughters: 'Maintaining the illusion'

girls Cynthia Fernandez They spent Friday afternoon finalizing all the details to welcome the Three Wise Men into their home and open all of their gifts. Through their stories, the media shared the process and reflected on the tradition that may be coming to an end.

As usual, Charisse, Bella And Francesca They prepared a Tupperware Full of provisions for Melchior, Gaspard, and Balthazar's arrival at their home. On the one hand, they separated the water and carrots for the camels. Then they took charge of the kings' food and added biscuits and milk.

Cynthia Fernandez showed preparations to receive the Three Wise Men at her home. (Photo: Instagram/Cynthia_Fernandez_)

We are missing the most important ingredient, which is grassComment Cynthia FernandezSo the girls went out to the garden to look for some of them and put them in another container. Once they had everything they needed, they placed food and drinks next to their shoes in one of the rooms of the house.

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Moments after publishing the video, the journalist took the opportunity to talk to her followers about the pain she felt while making all the preparations with her daughters, considering that this year may be the last celebration of the Three Kings. “You don't know how sad I am that it might be the last… May God protect my imagination so that I can preserve the illusion as much as possible“, he wrote, wishing he could repeat the holiday next year.

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