Cynthia Fernandez hit the Dalai Lama after the controversial video with an eight-year-old boy

The video appears The Dalai Lama Kiss the boy on the mouth and then ask him if he loves him “tongue sucking” It caused many controversies and Cynthia Fernandez was one of the celebrities who was highly critical of what happened.

The infamous event occurred during the act of In the presence of other adults who did not say anything about the actions of the spiritual leader. After the video’s fallout, the Dalai Lama apologized on Monday.

The Dalai Lama kissing a baby on the mouth (Photo: capture)

in us in the morning (Al-Taris) talked about what happened and the speaker expressed her anger. “This is an aggressor, he’s a violin… he’s rotten”, Fernandez said bluntly.

his former partner Mariel de Leonarda, Explain the meaning of the gesture:Apparently, in Buddhism, Sticking your tongue out means that you won’t say negative things about this person. They take the gesture of sticking out their tongues as part of the religion.”

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Despite these arguments, Fernandez did not agree with his partner’s analysis. All these leaders are blackmailers. Later, in privacy, they end up being violated,” commented the speaker.

Cynthia Fernandez has expressed her outrage at the behavior of the Dalai Lama. (photo: eltrece)

The media’s opinion aroused unease, and Polo Alvarez, the host of the program, intervened to say that it cannot be generalized that the position of the Dalai Lama is the same as that of other religious leaders. However, Cynthia Fernandez continued her defense.

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No, but there are a lot of religions that use manipulation, the vulnerability of people. I do not want to imagine, if he did this in public, what he would do at ceremonies, on excursions, at all the lectures from which he farts. He’s an aggressor, he’s a violinist.” I continued to get angry. to the end, Cynthia Fernandez He added, “It makes a lot of noise to me. Stop petting me!”“.

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