Cucalero Evo Morales’ delirium reaches its most complex point with ridiculous consequences

File photo of former Bolivian President Evo Morales. EFE / Jose Mendes

The Former President Evo Morales’ plan to return to the presidency After two and a half years of giving it up, he’s made some progress, but Now it’s time for the hardest part.

Judges who continue to literally obey him, Jeanine Anez was sentenced to ten years in prison Because he replaced him when he fled in November 2019.

The coca grower said this ruling confirmed that the overthrow was the product of a “coup”. Therefore, his voluntary resignation would not be valid, not to mention his hasty escape on a Mexican plane.

Getting that ruling from the judges was the easiest part of the plan to return to the presidency. Now he has to apply impossible arts to achieve an illusion goal.

He wants, given that he lost his power because of the “coup”, and not because of the fraud denounced by the Organization of American States, that everything that has been done in Bolivia from the moment of his escape is considered null and void. Retroactive paralysis.

Therefore, the representatives of his party who remained in office after his escape would be considered traitors and all their actions would be nullified.

Among these actions is the call for new elections, in 2020, for which he himself proposed a candidate from his own party, Louis Ars, who won 55% of the vote in the elections held without dismantling the fraud schemes.

Constitutional experts and political scientists have warned of the absurd consequences of a ruling declaring events since November 2019 unconstitutional.

Janine Anez (AFP)
Janine Anez (AFP)

First, beware of Discomfort that may fall upon Louis ArsWhich Ms. Anez described as “the son of the coup” if the verdict is issued. And now he says, “He will give me 100 years, but he will still be a fugitive and a coward.”

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She, who was imprisoned for a year and a half, has denied conspiring and says she was called to take over as president when “Morales ran away like a rat.”

The two commanders of the armed forces and police at the time, Generals Williams Kaliman and Yuri Calderon, were also sentenced to ten years in prison.

Things are complicated for coca growers due to recent surveys. One, published by Poder y Placer, says Morales has a file The negative vote is 86%.

If this is reflected in the elections, he will never be able to return to the presidency. Moreover, it happens Louis Ars plans to be re-elected in 2025 for the same party coca plantations

Luis Ars Katakura and Evo Morales (Reuters)
Luis Ars Katakura and Evo Morales (Reuters)

So the shortest remaining path is the path of delirium. If it were proposed to go ahead with that plan, be it naive or just ignorant, this country would go into a lot of tension.

What Louis Ars is doing is repeatedly urging the armed forces not to listen to those who “knock on the doors of the barracks” to propose a coup d’├ętat.

Military interruption could facilitate the coca growers’ plan, but it would be almost inevitable to call new elections, the dreaded elections.

The coca grower didn’t say anything about the president’s complaints.

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