Cubans disrupt traffic in Miami in support of historic protests against the Castro regime

On Tuesday, hundreds of Cubans crossed different streets and highways in Miami Calling for humanitarian intervention on the island by the US government.

The locals showed up on the Palmetto Highway, And also at the northern entrance to Coral Way Highway and 76th Street, to express her support for the mass protests against the Cuban dictatorship.

This request was repeated at various points on Calle Ocho, including the famous Cuban restaurant Versailles.

“These are the Cubans who support the Cubans, From hand to hand and from city to city because we lack international support,” Cuban John Jimenez, who got up early Tuesday to bring water and masks to Pelican Harbor in Miami to send to Cuba, said.

Protests in Miami during the day and night in support of the anti-Castro demonstrations in Cuba (Image: Reuters)

Despite the rain that fell on the city since the afternoon, the demonstrators stood on the tracks until late at night, chanting “Homeland and Life”, “Freedom” and “Biden Responds.”. Many of them carried posters with the symbolic phrase “SOS Cuba”, which accompanied the mass protests and made it possible to show on social networks the tragic crisis that Cubans are going through as a result of the communist dictatorship..

The Cuban community in Florida showed its citizens on the island on Tuesday that they are “supported from abroad” by the closure of a major highway, Protest on Miami’s popular Calle Osho and call for an “end of order” in commemoration of the 37th minute of silence for its “victims” on the 27th anniversary of the sinking of the “Tugbot 13 de Marzo”

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The slogan that brought together exiles from this southeastern Florida city, as well as from Tampa on the West Coast, in support of the unprecedented street protests last Sunday in Cuba, was, “If Cuba is on the street, Miami too.” The most powerful thing that has happened in that country in the past six decades.

"If Cuba is on the street, so is Miami" Cubans living in the American city say يقول
Cubans who live in the American city say, “If Cuba is on the street, so is Miami.”

Hundreds of Cuban-Americans and exiles organized by social networks were not discouraged by Tuesday’s heavy rains In the various protests and events, they called for the “intervention” of US President Joe Biden’s government, To avoid bloodshed on the island.

Urgent need for Biden

Sing that hymn, made famous in 2020 by Ytouel Romero and Desimir Bueno, among other Cuban artists, Demonstrators with tents and umbrellas stopped the flow of the Palmetto movement to demand “the end of the dictatorship” and urged the Cuban people not to surrender.

The Castro regime is trying to pretend that what is happening in Cuba are protests against hunger and demand for vaccinations“But no one is asking for it but an ‘intervention’ to achieve his freedom,” said the opposition and politician Jose Luis García Pérez “Antonez.”

For her part, Silvia Iriondo, from MAR for Cuba, was proud of how exile had responded at this “historic” moment.

Cubans in Miami says:
Cubans in Miami say: ‘Cuba’s freedom is now, we can’t wait’

“My brother is fighting in the streets (in Cuba), we need all countries to help us because we are unarmed on the streets. Our brothers are removing their nails and their eyes‘, sure to evey Cuban Deisy González.

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Many of those present in Tamami told the media that As soon as the work was over, they would go to protest in the vicinity of the Southern Command, which is responsible for the US armed forces in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Cuba is free now, we can’t wait”, Amid the crowd, a Cuban woman pointed to the press, while another criticized the Biden government for “doing nothing.” “Biden, those who voted for you need you now,” said another protester at a Versailles restaurant.

spontaneous floaters

The The Democratic Movement called on the Cuban community to organize support responsibly for Cubans and warned that improvisation of fleets could lead to prosecutions in the United States. As well as the distraction that the island’s protesters deserve.

"Our brothers are removing their nails and their eyes"Cubans say during the protests (Image: Reuters)
“They are taking their nails and their eyes off our brothers,” the Cubans said during the protests. (Photo: Reuters)

Ramon Sail Sanchez, leader of the Democratic Movement, an organization that transported fleets of ships to Cuba for several years and which faced a lawsuit in the United States in 2001 for entering Cuban territory, said, evey what or what It praises Cuban’s energy, but it needs to be channeled correctly.

The activist also announced that at least a hundred boat owners had contacted him to offer their help.

Democratic movement seeks Organizing a protest in the Bay of Biscay in Miami in support of the Cuban people and also to analyze the capacity to respond if assistance to Cuba is legally permitted By the sea.

In this sense, Cuban-American exiled leaders and members of Congress asked President Biden on Tuesday to intervene to restore the internet to the Cuban people. They demonstrated in the streets demanding freedom and not negotiations with the government of Miguel Diaz-Canel.

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(With information from EFE)

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