Cuba ends hunger strike by opposition artist Otero Alcantara

Havana The Cuban government today ended the hunger strike of dissident artist Luis Manuel Otero AlcantaraThe head of a group denouncing the state’s censorship of freedom of expression and the island’s authorities said the man was in stable condition after a week without eating.

A note published by the Havana Public Health Department indicated that Otero Alcantara, 33, He was sent to a public hospital early Sunday due to “self-deprivation of food.” And that he arrived at the health center in an ambulance, “walking without difficulty.”

Maverick He went seven days without food or fluids.

The San Isidro MovementLed by theater artist Otero Alcantara, is an opposition group that includes dozens of writers, innovators, and activists.

The hospital health department said He found no signs of malnutrition or other chemical imbalances, but confirmed that Otero Alcantara had been hospitalized, in stable condition and receiving medical care..

This was said by members of the San Isidro movement State security forced Otero Alcantara to leave his home and he was arrestedPresumably in hospital. They questioned the report and demanded more information.

The group asked on its Twitter account, “How can I not show signs of malnutrition or dehydration after I have gone hungry and thirsty for more than seven days?”

Police surrounded Otero Alcantara’s home for several days, and no one entered or left during his hunger strike. People can live more than a month without food, but rarely can they survive more than 10 days without solid or liquid food.

In November, members of the San Isidro group went on a hunger strike to protest the censorship and harassment of independent creators and activists. By the government. The police put an end to the measure, which led to an unusual demonstration of about 300 people in front of the Ministry of Culture.

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Unlike other splinter groups in Cuba, San Isidro appears on social media and is well connected to diaspora and exile organizations in various countries.

Otero Alcantara During his protest, through a hunger strike, he demanded that the state return his confiscated actions. In addition, he demanded freedom of expression and an end to police harassment.


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