Cruz Azul refused to leave Azteca and face Monterrey without an audience

Cement manufacturers will have to play without the audience against the scheme to determine their passes to the league (Photo: Henry Romero/Reuters)

Irregular blue cross For the entirety of the Grita México Apertura 2021, cement manufacturers have had to A dispute over a pass to the league Through a unique match Re where they will face Monterey. This upset a certain section of Cruzzulina’s fans and the sports media, especially given that they are among the most expensive teams in Mexican football, and this was not even enough to reach the top four in the regular tournament.

As if that wasn’t enough, the situation will become even more complicated for those he leads Juan Maximo Renoso because They won’t be able to count on a crowd at the Azteca Stadium for this crucial match. This was announced before Disciplinary Committee From the Mexican Football Association after the blue fans repeated when making her famous An anti-gay cry during a game Machine against Lyon.

Despite the penalty, La Noria’s board will still have the option to change venue in order to get fans into the stands. However, according to a columnist and contributor to RegisterAnd sniper, the real desire of the cement producers is not to move from the statue of Santa Ursula and play against the royals without the support of their people.

Cruz Azul must defeat Monterrey without the support of its people (Photo: Carlos Ramírez/EFE)
Cruz Azul must defeat Monterrey without the support of its people (Photo: Carlos Ramírez/EFE)

“My heroes, SMURFS, don’t believe everything you read on the networks…even though the regulations allow you to change the playing field…BLUE CROSS I planned to play REPECHAJE in AZTECA against RAYADOS behind closed doors. If there is a change, note,” the columnist shared through a post on his official Twitter account.

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Anti-gay outcry has negative consequences both locally and internationally Mexican national team. After fans repeated the discriminatory expression in the official knockout matches, the FIFA The trio shall be punished with a fine of 100 thousand Swiss francs and a penalty kick, two matches behind closed doors, Which will have to fulfill in the next two confrontations as the buildings inside the octagonal final of CONCACAF.

despite of Ongoing campaigns against these acts, Fans continued to ignore requests from local managers to stop expressing themselves in this way against rival goalkeepers. The Moroccan Football Federation even decided to change the name of this league tournament citing the importance of avoiding the famous expression. name of Opening of Scream Mexico 2021 announced by Mikel AreolaHowever, this strategy did not produce the expected results with the masses.

Mikel Arriola has announced the 2021 Grita México Apertura name as a campaign against gay screaming (Photo: Jorge Núñez/EFE)
Mikel Arriola has announced the 2021 Grita México Apertura name as a campaign against gay screaming (Photo: Jorge Núñez/EFE)

match Cruz Azul vs Monterrey There is no exact date yet, and playoff schedules will certainly be announced this weekend. It should be noted that matches must be played until the match date Weekend of November 20 and 21 because Close FIFA Where the Mexican national team will be measured against their peers from United States and Canada.

Following the Tricolor team meetings, the various national teams playing for Liga MX clubs must report with their teams to resume work towards getting to these crucial matches in the best possible way. Cruz Azul will contribute four players to the team led by Gerardo Tata Martino: Luis Romo, Roberto Alvarado, Julio Cesar Dominguez and Urbelín Pineda They will focus with El Tri in these elimination duels.

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