Crossplay is here in Borderlands 3! The new update adds this feature and permanent events

Players from all platforms except PlayStation will now be able to play together thanks to the SHiFT matchmaking system.

Just as promised, The intersection Arrive Borderlands 3. Latest update of the game Motion vector Arrived today, and add this long-awaited feature, plus a few surprises to celebrate the millions of players joining in PC, Stadia y Xbox.

PlayStation is not part of Borderlands 3 cross-play.Crossplay in Borderlands 3 is achieved thanks to the matchmaking system known as Transformation. If you want to communicate with people on platforms other than yours, you will have to create a profile new name in this system. When the update is downloaded, a new window will appear in which you can type your name to enable cross-play.

The update didn’t just come with cross-play. Max level for all players increased to 72This will allow you to create more powerful characters. the event mafia revenge It’s back too, and it’s going to work just like the ones we saw in 2020, but this time comes its challenges New rewards.

Speaking of events, the update also came with Permanent seasonal events. Everyone will be able to play bloody harvestAnd the broken heart day s mafia revenge When do they want and how much they want. A new option in Borderlands 3’s main menu lets you activate or deactivate any of the three events, and each one comes with its own set of Themed rewards. It is worth noting that Limited time small events They will not be available, the update will only allow us to select the three events mentioned.

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Crossplay in Borderlands 3 isn’t the only good news the community has received these days. Wonders of Tiny Tina on his way, and Borderlands movie Filming is over.

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