Crisis in Mas: a deputy close to Luis Arce called Evo Morales a “dictator” and asked for his removal from the party presidency.

Exacerbation of the internal crisis of the MAS system between Evo Morales and Luis Arce (Reuters / Agustin Markarian)

On Wednesday, the “Renewal” bloc of the Socialist Movement insisted on replacing key leaders, such as the former Bolivian president and the head of that organization, Evo MoralesThis deepens the internal division a few days before the celebration of the twenty-eighth anniversary of the founding of the ruling party.

At a press conference MP Rolando Cuellarfrom the sector that supports President Luis Arce, insisted that the social organizations of his party call for a congress to withdraw Morales from the MAS, whom he accused of “destroying” and “destabilizing” the current government.

For more than a year, the MAS has been facing an internal division between the “evistas”, who support Morales as their historical leader, and the “arcistas” or “renovadores”, who side with President Arce.

These tensions manifested themselves with criticisms of Morales and “evistas” towards various ministers, denunciations of alleged corruption, accusations and insinuations of treason against Arce and the country’s Vice President, David Choquehuanca, as well as questions about the country’s economic situation.

In Cuellar’s opinion, the solution to “MAS unity” would involve the removal of Morales from that party’s presidency, a position he has held since 1990 and whom he called “the leader” and “dictator”.

Rolando Cuéllar, Deputy MAS

A major event is scheduled for Sunday to commemorate the 28th anniversary of the founding of the Muslim American Society In the tropics town of Ivergarzama of the central administration of the city of Cochabamba, the main political stronghold of the pro-government organization.

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However, legislator Cuellar stressed that Arce would probably not attend this celebration because he “has an agenda” outside the country and criticized the fact that the venue for the event was not decided “consulting the rules” of the party.

On this day, representatives of the area that produces coca leaves in Ivirgarzama confirm that invitations have been sent to Arce and Choquehuanca to participate in the commemoration of MAS and Show the unity of the political tool.

Last weekend, Arce and Morales met several months later at the opening of the league’s regional conference in the eastern province of Santa Cruz, where the two leaders spoke of unity.

During the meeting, the new MAS leaders in that region were elected, who It ended with accidents between the two blocsafter the leader of the “Evista” was beaten and insulted, so the national leadership of the Socialist Socialist Movement Party declared that the election of a new constituency chief of the so-called “Archist” group was null and void.

Although loneliness messages, Evo Morales tells Arce Bolivia is “not doing well economically” He suggested that committees could reflect on this situation to propose measures to “save Bolivia”.

“(…) The Economic Commission can help, it can suggest to our president, to our government, how to save Bolivia, Brother Lucho knows, we are not doing well economically, what are we going to propose, what is new social the head of state said the previous “.

Rolando Cuellar’s deputy called Evo Morales a “dictator” (Reuters/Patricia Pinto)
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The leader of the Socialist Islamic Movement emphasized that this party is “the largest in the history of Bolivia” and that programs and policies are determined by “the people”, so the task is to propose how to “inject” economic resources and “how to avoid deflationary policies that hurt the poor”.

We can discuss whether this is possible in committees.detained.

Arce was Minister of Economy in the Morales administration and is recognized for the socio-economic model of a productive society implemented in the country.

Morales made these remarks in his opening speech at the 9th provincial-level congress of the MAS Association held in the Yapacany town of Santa Cruz in which Arce, who was seated next to Morales, participated, a situation that had not happened for a long time. Before the internal division of this party between “evistas” and “arcistas”.

The former president asked the MAS movement for “a lot of unity to defend our cultural democratic revolution, unity to prevent multinational corporations from stealing natural resources again” from Bolivia.

(with information from EFE)

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